Tiger Woods Foundation Press Conference
Tiger Woods answer questions from the media during the Quicken Loans National press confenrence at the Congressional Country Club on Monday, May 19, 2014. Madison Wallace/DC Sports Box
BETHESDA, M.D. - A press conference with Tiger Woods, was held May 19, 2014 at the breathtaking Congressional Country Club on a seventy-degree cloudless sunny day in Bethesda, MD. Walking to the entrance of this strikingly kept clubhouse, it was clear there was someone important inside waiting to make an appearance. The course was a blanket of green, surrounded by huge, lush trees. Despite the horrendous thunderstorms last week in the area, Steve Durante, president of Quicken Loans told the press that the recent sunny weather has created a firm, solid green that will make for one of the fastest games of golf today.
Tiger Woods Foundation aims to provide low-income students the opportunity to experience success in school, building a path towards a career. As Tiger stated in the interview, this program is “giving kids an opportunity to make something of themselves”. Woods emphasized how important it is to have a team, and support to help accomplish a sense of achievement. Quicken Loans and Congressional have paired to do just that. Quicken Loans National Tournament, which will be held June 23-29, 2014, raises money for the Tiger Woods Foundation and various charities, as well as the U.S. Military. This is a wonderful tournament that has done a great job in showing its support to those of lower income families.
Aside from the tournament itself and this outstanding Tiger Woods Foundation, the man himself has been trying to push forward with all the support and encouragement he needs to help overcome a recent setback. Though the press conference was intended to focus on the Tiger Woods Foundation, there seemed to be one question on everyone’s mind; Tiger’s health. Woods, a 14 major winner and one of the best golfers in the golf world, has been recovering from back surgery, which has disabled him from playing the sport he loves and doing what he does best. From running 30 miles a week, to barely being able to get out of bed, Woods has been trying to focus on the little things on his road to recovery rather than letting irrelevant distractions effect his mentality. “You really take bending over and twisting for granted”, Woods lightly joked during the press conference, and “I miss playing with my kids”. An injury like this can really affect the mindset of an athlete, but Tiger seems to have a grasp on ways to not let such an unfortunate situation take control of his mind.
While other golfers have the opportunity to get better and add wins to their record every day, Woods stated that, “I have to focus on rehab, and the little things…I can’t focus on other people winning.” It takes an elite athlete with an immense amount of mental toughness to confidently believe that, and without a doubt, Tiger seems to have it. There is no specific date or even estimated time frame in which Tiger can be expected back in action. "I miss playing. I miss being out there on the golf course; I miss the game. Forget about competing at the highest levels, I just miss being out there and just being around the golf course." Woods said.
Having a history of injuries that has kept Woods out of multiple tournaments, would seem to be a beat down to the average player. However, with the fire and ambition that comes with Tiger’s charisma, he believes he can return with a determined mindset and ability to conquer the holes that lie ahead. He told the press that through injury, he works on his short game, so if anything is solid, it will be that. The urge this player has to play is unbelievable, but the part of Woods that makes him so inspirational, is his patience and mentality that will bring him back playing like the champion he is, within weeks of his return.