30% mortality – A very deadly and strange bacterial disease is now spreading in Japan: experts wonder how this is possible

The fatality rate for bacterial infections in Japan is up to 30 percent.

A rare and dangerous bacterial infection is currently spreading in Japan for an as yet unknown cause. Among other things, a British newspaper writes about this Guardian.

According to Japanese authorities, the bacterial infection is caused by A streptococcus, strains of which have been on the rise since last year.

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Although typically A streptococcus mainly causes angina and mild skin infections, in rare cases the bacterial species can also cause the more serious, toxic shock syndrome.

The death rate for bacterial infections currently spreading in Japan has been found to be 30 percent. The elderly are said to be at the greatest risk of infection. However, according to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, the most serious infections occur among patients under the age of 50.

Corona in the background?

While a total of 941 cases of toxic shock syndrome were recorded in Japan in 2023, the country has already seen 376 cases in the first two months of 2024.

Serious A streptococcal infections have been detected in all but two of Japan's 47 prefectures. The cause of the outbreak wave of infection is still unclear.

– There are still many unknown factors behind the mechanisms behind the acute and sudden forms of streptococci, and we are not at the point where we can explain them, the Japanese Institute of Infectious Diseases commented on the matter.

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Streptococcal infections are mainly spread through droplet infection or wounds.

Some experts have speculated that the number of cases has increased since the coronavirus. For example, a professor of infectious diseases at Tokyo Women's Medical University believes so. Ken Kikuchi.

– He says people's immune status after recovering from the coronavirus may change their susceptibility to certain microbes.

– Identify the infectious cycle of highly invasive A streptococci and bring them under immediate control.

To combat bacterial infections caused by A streptococcus, the Japanese Ministry of Health recommends the same hygiene measures that became part of daily life during the coronavirus pandemic.

– We want people to take preventive measures such as washing hands and following cough protocols, comments the Japanese health minister Keizo Takemi Released earlier this year.

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