A bakery entrepreneur who used spoiled minced meat threatened a health inspector with a bag of meat.

The court held that the entrepreneur was responsible for many of his company’s problems.

The food company had to blow the whistle when the company continued to operate despite the suspension. chart. Larry Olander

A bakery entrepreneur from Keuruu has been given a six-month suspended jail term. The court found that the 58-year-old entrepreneur of Amisa was responsible for its operations as the sole member of the company’s board of directors and as the de facto operator.

The company shifted bakery operations from Birkala to Keuru in 2021. The prosecutor said that during the inspections, significant, even life-threatening problems were found in its operation.

Pranks are sold out

Soy was used in the product, which is not indicated on the packaging. December 14, 2022 The bakery used spoiled minced meat. Cold storage of the products was not observed, but they were refrigerated in the corridor and loading dock without protection from outside air or harmful animals.

Products and ingredients were frozen and reused, contrary to packaging labels. Expired raw materials were stored in cold rooms, and some raw materials did not have date markings.

There were also deficiencies in the bakery premises. Car tires were stored and carpets were dried in manufacturing facilities. Soap and hand towels are missing from hand washing stations.

Amisa was ordered to suspend operations in December 2022 due to issues identified in the inspections. The action continued despite the decision, resulting in the food company ordering the destruction of Amisa’s products. This resulted in loss to the bakery customer companies.

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Amisa’s products were sold in stores such as SOK, Kesko and Lidl.

“Meat Pie is a Weapon”

According to the prosecutor, the entrepreneur violently threatened the environmental health inspector who visited the inspection, who was also depressed and punched the wall.

In this case, the businessman admitted that he gave the example of the shooting of the environmental health inspector and pounded the table with his fist saying, ‘Don’t you realize that the meat python is a weapon?’ During the police investigation, the businessman did not want to say what happened in the office complex.

Whether the entrepreneur intended to compare the weapon to a bag of meat or was in a sense of humor, the court held that the health inspector’s firing was a threat that had to be taken seriously under the prevailing circumstances.


The district court sentenced the entrepreneur to a 6-month suspended prison sentence for accommodation and catering violations, construction violations, health violations, fraud, and violently resisting an officer.

Charges against the second accused were dropped. He was an employee of the company. The district court held that the case did not show that the woman held any position of responsibility in Amissa Oil.

Including smaller customers, the company’s sales in 2022 were slightly more than 730,000 euros.

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