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Lota Harala won the women’s 100m hurdles in 13.03 minutes in Athens on Wednesday. However, he lamented that the same day’s pace was not the same as earlier in the week in Espoo, where he ran 12.64 in light air and a record-worthy 12.89 in wind.

– Bit of a rough day from the start. I had a headache during practice and throughout the race. During the run, I didn’t really get into a good running position and the sharpness wasn’t great. “I still hit the fifth and sixth fences,” Harala repeated.

– Sometimes there are days like this.

Nuralotta Nesiri was fourth in the run with her season best time of 13.14. During the run, the wind was blowing at a speed of 1.2 meters per second.

– Good start, coming to the first fence was one of my best, but the finish was not good. After half, the run gets a bit more challenging. It would have been nice to take the hundred home, but it will take me a while to get that run, Nesiri pointed to the fact that the season has just started.

– Basic performance and after hitting the fences in the previous race, I was a bit nervous, but it was a basic performance.

Kempinen opened the season with a time of 11.43

Lotta Kempinen opened her season by finishing sixth in the women’s 100m heats in Athens in 11.43 minutes. Sweden’s Julia Henriksen won the heat and the entire event in 11.19 minutes. The race was run in a tailwind of 1.9 meters per second.

In previous express trips, the wind was contrary to Wednesday. Riku Illuka finished sixth in men’s 100m with a time of 10.68. Isaac Hughes of Sweden won in 10.54 seconds. Denmark’s Simon Hansen clocked 10.21 for the fastest 100 meters of the day, taking all heats into account.

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Oskari Lehtonen finished fourth in the 200m B heats with a time of 21.46. Greece’s Ioannis Karyophilis won in 21.30 minutes. A light wind of 0.2 meters per second was blowing in the area of ​​Lehtonen. Poland’s Albert Komanski won the A-set in 21.04 minutes.

In the B heat of the women’s 200m, Annana Gorettema ran 2.7m/s against her opponent to finish sixth in 24.36.

Nora Lindal Kordetma, representing HIFK in Finland and Sweden at the international competition, won the heat with a time of 23.14, the second fastest of all heats. Sweden’s Julia Henriksen clocked a personal best of 23.13.

The relay team is joint 16th in the EC rankings with Ukraine

Finland finished second in the men’s 4 x 100m relay behind Ireland in 39.68 seconds in Athens. The team ran with Valtteri Lugo, Rikku Illukka, Oskari Lehtonen and Nilo Mustalahti. Ireland won in 39.45 seconds.

The men’s relay team is ranked 17th at the European Championships in Rome, with the top 16 teams included based on the combined times of each team’s two best races. The result in Athens ties Finland for 16th place with Ukraine, so the team’s goal is to beat Ukraine at the weekend’s PM Championship in Malmö.

– This run gave a good starting point with PM Games news. “We can refine the scores based on these runs because they are now more certain,” said Petteri Jouste, sprint coach at the Finnish Sports Association.

Athens, Greece 15/05/2024 AD Sprint and hurdle races

dear ones,

100m, heat 6 (-0.5m/s): 1) Isaac Hughes Sweden 10.54, 2) Edmilson Varela France 10.61, 3) Ioannis Voskopoulos Greece 10.63,…5) Riku Illukka Finland 10, 68.

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200m Heat 1 (-1.0m/s): 1) Soterios Karaganis Greece 21.07, 2) Vassilios Mirianthopoulos Greece 21.14, 3) Linus Bill Sweden, 21.36

Heat 2 (-0.2 m/s): 1) Ioannis Caryophyllis Greece 21.30, 2) Redshititswe Milenka E-Africa 21.34, 3) Sione Eriksson Sweden 21.42, 4) Oskari Lehtonen Finland (21.46).

4 x 100m: 1) Ireland 39.45, 2) Finland 39.68 (Valtteri Lugo, Riku Illukka, Oskari Lehtonen, Nilo Mustalahti), 3) Sweden 39.73.


100m Heat 4. (1.9m/s): 1) Julia Henriksen Sweden 11.19, 2) Gina Bass Gambia 11.19, 3) Salome Cora Switzerland 11.30,…6) Lotta Kempinen Finland 11.43 (mm).

200m, heat 2 (-1.1m/s): 1) Nora Lindahl Sweden 23.24, 2) Artemis-Melina Anastasio Greece 23.63, 3) Bill Healy Ireland 23.81,…6) Annina Korettema Finland 24.36

100 m aj (1.2 m/s): 1) Lotta Harala Finland 13.03, 2) Marlene Mayer Germany 13.12, 3) Elisabeth Besirito Greece 13.12, 4) Nuralotta Nesiri Finland 13.14.

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