A body of a youth has been found at a playground in Olu

A man in his 30s was found dead in Kaukovainio on Sunday morning. Police are investigating whether it was a murder.

There was a lengthy police operation at Oulu's Kaukovainio playground on Sunday. Jussi Korhonen

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The body of a young man was found on the morning of Sunday, April 28, at a playground in Kaugovinio, Oulu.

Police are investigating the case as a murder case.

Crime Commissioner Janne Koskela Police say they have an idea about what happened on the night between Saturday and Sunday. A man in his 30s died in Haukkapuisto.

According to police, the victim already knew the suspect or suspects. They agreed to meet in advance. Koskela did not take a position on whether the suspect or suspects were caught or on the run.

Police also did not comment on the manner of the suspected killing or whether, for example, it was related to a drug case.

Although the police have an idea about the course of events, they are still looking for surveillance, especially from 11:00 pm on April 27 to 6:00 am on April 28.

The Police Department requests monitoring by contacting the police hotline number 0295 416 194 or email [email protected].

On Sunday, Iltalehti announced earlier that police had been operating for several hours around a sports field in the Kaukovainio district.

That's the Haukkapuisto playground. Galevan According to the newspaper, a covered stretcher was taken from the scene at nine o'clock in the morning to a dark car, which, according to the newspaper, indicated the deceased.

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The police are investigating the murder in Kaukowainio, Olu. Inca Soweri

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