A British gardener's trousers were censored on North Korean morning television

On Monday morning, North Korean state television KCNA showed its viewers Garden Secrets, a gardening program produced by the British broadcaster BBC.

In addition to the North Korean dubbing, the show also includes a garden host Alan Titchmarsh As for the dress – his jeans were foggy.

– I've never seen myself as a dangerous and subversive imperialist – I'm generally seen as pretty laid back and harmless, so that gives me a bit of street cred, doesn't it? Ditchmarsh himself Comedy for the BBC After hearing about his appearance on North Korean television.

The North Korean regime views jeans as a symbol of Western – particularly American – imperialism, and has banned them since 1990.

A telepath to North Korea was discussed

The BBC has no information on how the garden show ended up on the Dictatorship Morning Show.

However, showing western programs on state television is not entirely unusual, and according to the BBC, the garden show in question has been seen on the channel before.

North Koreans are strictly prohibited from viewing and possessing foreign media. The offense is punishable by years in a prison camp or the death penalty.

However, state television occasionally illegally acquires the productions of foreign channels and shows them on its own channel, which includes the original logos. According to the BBC, the Champions League and other international football matches have been shown to North Koreans.

A message came in 2014 Discussions between the BBC and the North Korean regime over the possibility of showing some British television productions to North Koreans, as long as they do not harm the regime.

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At the time, according to the media, discussions included the detective series Miss Marble, gardening and cooking programs and Teletubbies.

However, it is not known if Garden Secrets was on the shows or if the British series was ever broadcast in North Korea.

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