A captain working in the security forces cut off the victim's penis

Finland's White Rose award-winning captain was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

The judgment of the District Court of Central Finland is not legally binding. Mika Rinne

The district court of central Finland sentenced the captain, born in 1965, to 4 years in prison.

The trial court said Ari Juhani Jogi58, Deprived of Liberty, guilty of Assault, Aggravated Assault, Misdemeanor with a Firearm and Attempted Aggravated Assault.

Instead, the district court dismissed the charges of aggravated sexual assault, aggravated rape, and aggravated preparation of a crime against life or health.

Three days in chains

Jogi met one of his victims on a men's BDSM website.

8.–9. In February 2023, Jockey took the man to his apartment and tied him up naked in the basement of his separate home.

According to the prosecutor, Jogi subjected the victim to various forms of sexual and physical violence. Among other things, Jogi burned the victim's skin, gave him electric shocks and beat him with a rubber band. Jogi also videotaped his actions.

The victim was able to call an emergency center only three days later. Police arrived at Joe's apartment on Sunday evening, February 12, and freed the victim from the shackles.

The victim suffered many physical and mental injuries. The prosecutor requested that Joe be convicted primarily of attempted murder. The district court considered this act to be a gross deprivation of liberty and fundamental assault.

The lawyer also sought conviction for aggravated sexual assault and aggravated rape. The district court found that the BDSM relationship did not constitute abuse based on sexual acts and dismissed the charges.

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The next violent incident happened a month later. Jogi agreed with the other victim about the operation.

The victim came to Joe's apartment on March 6 and signed a “consent form” for the operation.

Jogi tied the victim to the operating chair with a rope and cut his penis with a dull knife. No anesthesia or pain relief was used in the “operation”. It took over four hours.

Jogi used a pencil burner to stop the bleeding. He also sutured blood vessels and veins. Jogi videotaped the act and kept the penis.

Joe has no medical training.

He also tried to cut the victim's scrotum. However, the move was suspended by mutual agreement.

The District Court considered the mutilation to be aggravated assault. Cutting off the scrotum became the punishment for the worst attempted assault.

The police did not intervene

A third person involved in the crime complex also learned about the joke on a BDSM website. Jockey searched for a lifelong “torture slave” to be captured and tortured.

Joki wrote in his messages that the man would never leave his apartment alive and that his death would be long and painful, depending on Joki's mood.

According to the lawyer, Jogi carefully prepared and planned the act. According to the prosecutor, Joe's intention was to kill or torture the man.

The man was coming to Joe in May 2023. As the police contacted the man, the act was an attempt. Because of the connection, the man never came to Joe.

The lawyer demanded that Joe be punished for the gross manufacture of a crime against life or health. The district court dismissed the charges.

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According to the court, the case did not show that Jogi had taken a “serious decision” in the manner required to charge the offence.

Maximum pain

Jogi denied committing the crime. According to him, men have given their consent to all actions.

The court held that consent to an act does not remove criminal liability and cannot be considered valid considering the circumstances of the consent.

According to the court, Joe's motive was to inflict maximum pain on his victims in order to satisfy his distressing needs.

The court held that amputation of the penis with a dull knife was the worst act. The district court considered the act of torture to be particularly brutal and cruel, which alone warranted a sentence of 4.5 years in prison.

The sentence is partially reduced by “exceptionally large personal contribution by the parties involved, such as consent to a practice that impairs the offender's ability to comply with the law.”

The district court sentenced Joe to 4 years in prison.

He ordered the victim to pay more than 11,300 euros in compensation. The compensation to be paid to the victim by the “Operation” was set at almost 25,000 euros.

Awarded Captain

According to public sources, Jogi has served as a computer engineer in the defense forces.

According to MTV Uutisten, the man was removed from his post after serious criminal suspicions came to light.

Jokki was awarded the Order of the Finnish White Rose in 2020. His military rank was Captain. The district court sentenced Joe to forfeit his military rank.

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The judgment of the District Court of Central Finland is not legally binding.

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