A “consent agreement” signed by a victim of a torture captain in central Finland – a reference to death

“I have long wanted to be broken mentally and physically in ways that lead to my death,” says the “consent agreement” signed by the multi-crime captain.

District Court of Central Finland. Stock photo. Mika Rinne

Captain Ari Juhani JogiThe 58-year-old signed a “consent agreement” with the victim.

Jogi chained a victim naked in the basement of his private house on 8-9. February 2023.

In Magellary, Jogi subjected the victim to sexual and physical violence, prosecutors say. Among other things, he burned the victim's scalp, administered electric shocks and beat him with a rubber baton. Some of the action was videotaped.

The victim was able to call an emergency center three days later and was freed from the shackles with the help of police.

On March 6, Jogi cut off the victim's penis with a dull knife without anesthesia or pain relief. The operation took more than four hours.

The District Court of Central Finland sentenced Joe to four years in prison for deprivation of liberty, assault, petty gun crime and aggravated assault.

“steadily and calmly consider my will”

A “consent agreement” signed by the chained victim in the basement was written in English. The agreement recorded in the judgment of the district court, translated into Finnish. (Lyric sections done by Ildalethi.)

It is my firm and soberly considered wish that I be held captive, that I be treated inhumanely by means of grievous bodily harm, torture, mutilation, and murder.

To fulfill this wish, I came to Finland and placed myself in the hands of the captor whom I only knew as Mr. Ari. For a long time I wanted to be broken mentally and physically in ways that would lead to my death. After my death, biological waste, including my body, may be disposed of at the discretion of my captors.

I declare this after due consideration of the various international treaties and national laws that claim authority over this free will of mine, entirely of my own free will, no one forcing me to do this.

Bad deal

The anxious victim was so excited that he couldn't understand the contract he was reading.

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The District Court of Central Finland lists the reasons why consent is invalid.

According to the district court, the consent was invalid because the victim believed he was being coerced into signing the agreement. Because of its content, the document is not invalid in any way. The document was drawn up after the deprivation of freedom had already begun. Additionally, according to the district court, the consent was too vague.

– Finally, the district court says that no one can consent to torture or the taking of life.

Jogi was awarded the Order of the Finnish White Rose in 2020. His military rank was Captain. The district court sentenced Joe to forfeit his military rank.

The judgment of the District Court of Central Finland is not legally binding.

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