A daycare center in Salou was engulfed in flames from one end to the other – fire destroyed most of the building – fire

According to the Varsinais-Suomen rescue service, the fire at the Salo Tupur daycare center has moved to the extinguishing phase. According to information received at 10:30 pm, the drilling operation will continue for several more hours.

– Until morning, the rescue service unit will definitely be here, says the manager on duty Sebastian Holm.

He said two-thirds of the building was damaged.

The rescue service of Varsinais-Suomen received the first warning of the fire at the Tupur Kindergarten at 2:16 pm on Wednesday. 11 units were called to the spot. It didn't last many hours when the kindergarten caught fire again, this time bigger.

The second fire produced smoke that was harmful to health, which is why the rescue service urged people in the area to stay indoors and close the ventilation. At eight o'clock in the evening, the rescue service announced that the dangerous situation was over.

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According to Holm, the building will not be used after the extinguishing works.

A recent fire It was extinguished by more than twenty units of power, engulfing the entire roof and raging through the roof structures of the daycare starting at five o'clock in the afternoon.

The fire started at a completely different end than the first, so according to Holm, its origin is still unknown.

The fire, which broke out during the day, was located on the top floor of the building's vestibule, and its structures were gutted.

A firefighter on duty at the Warsinais-Suomen rescue service Micah Zilha The cause of the first fire is suspected to be an electrical fire, but investigations are still ongoing.

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According to Zilha, the first fire was extinguished and extinguished quickly. Children and staff were evacuated from the building and no injuries were reported in the fire.

– Employees noticed the smell of smoke and at first it was not clear where it was coming from, Zilha says.

According to the fire chief, after the evacuation, some children and staff moved to other parts of the building, and some of the children's parents took them home.

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