A famous researcher downloads a scathing text about the stabbing in Olu – “Usually this kind of act is called terrorism”

According to UP’s analyst, such acts are commonly called terrorism.

– When the intent is racial, such a message appears to have a political goal, Stewart writes. Inca Soweri

Timo R. Stewart, a senior researcher familiar with the Middle East at the Foreign Policy Institute, takes a stand on the stabbing in Oulu on News Service X.

According to the researcher, such actions are generally called terrorism.

– The Oulu stabbing took place in a public place. It means that its purpose is to convey a message and influence the general public. When the intent is racial, such a message appears to have a political goal. Generally, such an act is called terrorism, Stewart writes.

There is a discussion under update. In his responses, Stewart points out, among other things, that he cannot say for sure whether criminals are acting with full understanding, but this is for the court to decide.

– In both cases, there is still some degree of planning (the knife in the shopping center) and they reflect the worldview of their creators (racist intent). Stewart says getting caught is also guaranteed.

If the output is not visible, you will see it From here.

There have been two stabbings in Oulu’s Valkea shopping center within a week. In the second case, the victim was a 12-year-old boy of foreign origin who was stabbed on Tuesday by an adult of foreign origin. Racial motive is suspected in both the acts.

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