A horror movie unfolds beneath the surface of Myrskyluoto Maija

Tina Limin From running Myrskyluoto Maija – The film is becoming a huge success. Annie Blomqvist There seems to be something lingering about the historical novel series.

Older viewers will remember the story by AK Lindmann As a popular television series of the 1970s, and Lasse Mårtensonin The theme tune is alive. Maija's survival story set in Åland has now found new generations in an enhanced film version.

In the new Myrskyluoto Maija It has many merits. It is a fascinating historical film and has a title character Amanda Johnson Excellent in his role. However, the film was a bit far-fetched for me. I can't help but think that this is more than just an epic love movie and a survival story. I see a psychological horror film beneath the surface.

Myrskyluoto Maija Begins as Killer shark With dark images of the seabed. Myrskyluoto Maijan However, the monster is not a shark or any other creature, but the sea itself.

Early in the film, ominous talk of death and drowning is heard. We also talk about elves and a spirit that lives in water. Let's say mantra and make mantra. Can't see in the mirror. The mysterious fox wants to tell Maija something.

When it comes to a special wedding ceremony, more images of a horror movie come to mind. Reminds me of Maija wearing a strange headgear Ari Aster's A horror film directed by Midsomer – Endless NightMidsummer is celebrated in a remote Swedish village.

Once there, Maija and Janne run naked around the island in the grip of an ancient feeling. The love story is constantly overshadowed by death and its fear. Later in the film we see the child's death and burial in darkness. Everything takes place on a remote island landscape in the 19th century.

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Films in the folk horror genre are usually set in a rural setting and use folklore, superstition, and darkness. There are generally pagan rituals, bad omens and superstitions. Myrskyluoto's Maijahan Pure folk horror!

If the threatening atmosphere is emphasized and Larry Borren Elegant music is replaced by dark tunes, Myrskyluoto Maijan The genre varies from romantic drama to psychological horror. I understand what director Tina Lim and the makers of the film are trying to do Maija from Myrskyluoto The film may have been made from something more original but to the taste of the general audience.

New Myrskyluoto Maija A skillfully made movie, I congratulate its makers for its success. To me, it has a horror story hidden within the traditional story.

Jussi Huhtala

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