A large industrial building catches fire in Oulu – Border helicopter helps fire-fighting | Northern Ostrobothnia

The factories were completely gutted in the fire. According to the rescue service, there is no longer an explosion risk in the area.

A fire broke out at the industrial hall of Encore Environmental Services on Wednesday evening. Video: Janne Gorko / il, Juha Virrannimi / il

Essie Puri,

Juha Virranimi

A large industrial property in Oulu, Ruskonselanti, caught fire in the evening. A fire broke out at the Encore Environmental Services complex.

The fire broke out in a hall about 30 meters wide and 50 meters long. Firefighters said the fire was very intense.

Firefighter on duty Anti-Juhani Ervastin According to the report, the fire also spread to waste bags outside the industrial property and spread to the side of an adjacent property.

Excavators at a neighboring metal recycling company were safely maneuvered out of the fire.

The fire was brought under control by 10 pm and the rescue team was focused on extinguishing the fire. They also open mechanically.

Raja’s helicopter continues to assist in the firefighting operations. The rescue service points out that the area has a no-fly zone, so, for example, taking drones into the air is prohibited.

The extinguishing works are estimated to last half a night. And then the tracking after the fire starts.

Photo: Miia Antila / Yle, MapCreator, OpenStreetMap

Operations Director of Encore Environmental Services Annie Peravainian Peravainio says no one was in the building at the time of the fire and there were no injuries.

According to the report of the rescue service, there is no longer an explosion risk in the area. In the evening the police informed the photographer who was there To Janne GorkoThere is a risk of explosion in the area. Also, due to the hazardous smoke, the police evacuated the outsiders without movement.

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At 10:00 p.m., 16 units of the rescue service were still there. About 40 firefighters are working to douse the fire.

There is no word on the cause of the fire. The building was completely gutted in the fire.

A plume of smoke could be seen kilometers away from the site of the fire. Ruskonniityntie and Ruskonseläntie located in the area were closed to traffic due to the fire.

North Ostrobothnia Rescue Service was alerted to a fire in a large building at 18:35 on Wednesday.

Black smoke billows from the scene of the fire.  Police protect the traffic.

Due to the fire incident, the police restricted the movement in Rusko area. Photo: Risto Degerman / Yle
A helicopter flies through the black smoke.

Raja’s helicopter was involved in extinguishing the fire. Photo: Janne Körkkö / Yle
Thick black smoke rises from behind the woods.

There was a lot of smoke from the fire. Could see for miles. Photo: Janne Körkkö / Yle
A fire engine drives down the road, with heavy smoke billowing in the background.

At times, noises were heard from the scene of the fire. Concerned about the fire, the public put out the fire as there was a risk of explosion. Photo: Juha Virranniemi / Yle

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