A mass evacuation began in the northern regions of Ukraine, where Russian artillery fire | Foreign countries

Dozens of villages have prompted mass evacuations as Russian artillery fire escalated in Ukraine's Sumy region. According to Russia, Ukraine has also carried out attacks near the border in recent days.

On March 13, a drone launched by Russian forces destroyed an apartment building in Sumy, Ukraine. Kua: Ukrinform / AOP

Authorities have begun mass evacuations of residents of the Sumy region in northern Ukraine near the Russian border, Reuters news agency said, citing official sources. Officials said on Friday that the evacuation was underway as the area had been under heavy artillery fire for some time.

The military administration of the Sumy region says more than 180 residents have been evacuated from the Velikopizarska municipality near the Russian border in the past three days.

Officials in the Sumy region have long reported almost daily Russian artillery fire, but now the attacks have escalated.

According to the regional military administration, the firing has now reached high accuracy in the evacuated areas. In the past five days, three people have been killed and 13 injured in these attacks, officials say.

A total of more than 4,500 residents have been evacuated from twenty villages in the Sumy region, according to the military administration, but officials did not specify a timeframe.

Velikopizarska is located a few kilometers from the village of Kosinka in the Belgorod region of Russia.

Artillery and air strikes were also carried out along the Russian border

Earlier this week, Kosinka officials reported significant destruction by armed groups in the area. The groups say they have Russians who voluntarily fight on Ukraine's side and oppose Russian rule.

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According to Russia, Ukraine has launched numerous artillery and airstrikes in areas near the border in recent days.

Governor of Belgorod Region Vyatsheslav Gladkov He said on Tuesday that one person was killed and 10 others were injured in the attack. On Friday, Ukrainian artillery fire in the area killed two people and wounded two others, he said.

Governor of Kursk Region Roman Starovite It said in turn that anti-aircraft units in the area destroyed three Ukrainian planes on Thursday night.

Reuters news agency could not independently confirm reports of the attacks.

On Friday, the Russian president Vladimir Putin Commenting on the attacks carried out inside the territory of Russia, he said that these attacks were an attempt to disrupt the ongoing presidential election in Russia. Russia is set to hold a show-stopping presidential election this weekend, with incumbent President Putin almost certain to win.

Sources: Reuters, AFP

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