A May-day breeze is like a bride — And then comes a turn that freezes weather and smiles

A drastic change in the weather forecast is already unlikely, and it's worth digging out the sunglasses in almost the entire country.

May Day was sunny last year, although not as hot as predicted this year. However, enjoying tourism in Helsinki's Kaivopuisto is okay. I nodded

A distinctly warmer than average May day. This is what the meteorologist predicted Joanna Rinne Weather for Tuesday and Wednesday from Foreca.

– It is highly unlikely to change again. The weather is clear, Rinne says of the May Day weather.

Temperatures vary from 19 degrees in the southern interior to a few plus degrees in the north.

If the warmest May day was measured in Helsinki in 1998, the temperature rose to 19.3 degrees on May 1st, and this year will not be far behind: Rinne predicts a temperature of 17-18 degrees in Helsinki. On May Day.

– While last winter was so recent with snow, this feels like summer weather. Many thought May Day would be a horizontal run, but now the direction is completely different, says Rinne.

Rinne predicts warmer weather in southeastern Finland, where “temperatures of 19 degrees can be reached.” Along the coast, colder seas and air can drop temperatures a degree or two.

As a counterbalance to the warm days, the clear night is cool. Even in southern Finland, frost is not far away.

– If you spend the night outside, for example in a student dormitory, you should wear something warm, advises Rinne.

The last rain

Days of warm weather will move into Finland on Monday, as the air mass in Eastern Europe also reaches the north. According to Rinn, temperatures “may even rise to the highest readings of the current year, or at least close to them,” he writes. On the Foreca blog. So far, the highest temperature of the year was recorded on April 1 at Konnunzuo in Lappeenranta, where the mercury soared to 20.1 degrees.

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Ahead of May Day, there will be rain in two areas on Monday. Between them is a trap of warm air that raises daytime temperatures. In the east, the 20-degree mark could even be reached on Monday.

Monday's heat will remain a nightmare in the north. The daytime temperature in the northern part of the country is 2-7 degrees. The weather will be mostly powdery, but there may be isolated snow showers in central and northern Lapland on Monday morning.

Helsinki's traditional May Day skiing will take place in warmer weather this year. There was plenty of sunshine on May Day 2013 when Mikko Beltola went skiing with her daughter Maisa. Tommy Parkkonen

It will be cold all week

If you love warm spring weather, you should enjoy it to the fullest on May Day. Rinne says on Forga's blog that on Thursday, the cloudiness will be higher than in previous days and the warm air mass will decrease over Finland.

As the weekend approaches, temperatures will noticeably cool, especially in the southern and central parts of the country, where May Day will still be summer-like. However, apart from localized showers, the weather will be mainly dusty.

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