A NATO subsidiary will be established in Mikkeli: Russian media caught on

Placing NATO auxiliary personnel near the Russian border was widely considered.

Independence Day 2018 paid homage to the headquarters statue in Mikkeli.

Iltalehti's message yesterday about the deployment of NATO auxiliary personnel in Mikkeli did not go unnoticed in Russia.

Iltalehti's information was quickly reported by almost all major Russian media outlets.

Michele's distance from the Russian border brought him to the top of the news. NATO auxiliary staff sometimes became “NATO headquarters” in the Russian media.

In the news, Micheli's subordinates were informed to varying degrees about whose initiative it was established.

Raised by the Russian newspaper Izvestija news On its front page is the headline that NATO will set up its headquarters 140 kilometers from the Russian border.

Izvestija quotes the Russian Foreign Minister at the end of his message Sergey LavroviaAccording to it “Russia and Finland lost their long-standing good neighbors after Finland and Sweden joined NATO”.

Russian state news agency TASS reported in a short film In his telegramHow Finland will establish ground forces headquarters in Mikkeli.

Tass explains how the newly established so-called “High Readiness Headquarters” will operate 24 hours a day and report to its headquarters in Norfolk, USA.

There is by far the most comprehensive message on the subject Written by Business newspaper Kommersant. The article describes in detail the functioning of “Headquarters” and NATO's command structure. The new “headquarters” will reportedly plan and execute NATO's training operations in the region during peacetime.

However, Kommersant Ildalehti's message was interpreted to mean that headquarters would be established in Mikkeli on orders from the Commander of the Norwegian Defense Forces.

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