A new twist in the criminal investigation of Kirsty Paganan’s will

The police tell Ilda-sanom about the new developments.

There is another twist in the criminal investigation into Kirsty Paganan’s will. Atte Cajoa / Press OK

The criminal investigation into the will of Kirsti Bakkanen, an entrepreneurial consultant who died in 2021, has taken another twist.

In this case, the police are investigating not only total fraud, but also total fraud. Ilda-Sanomat says.

Police and prosecutors made the decision after receiving a new crime report from Paganan’s niece Regina Panelalta New material just in time for Easter.

– Additional material in this case has significant role, Director of Investigation, Crime Commissioner Jirgi Kallio Ilda-sanom says.

Police suspect that Paganan’s will may have been a gross forgery and that it may have resulted in substantial financial gain or particularly significant damage.

Gallio is tight-lipped on the details of the investigation, not saying, for example, how many people are suspected.

Strange details about value apartment

Although some time had passed since Bakkanen’s death, his heir had not been given a share. The will left Paganan’s property to a trust, but Regina Banala challenged Paganan’s will, requesting a change of estate distributors and filing a criminal complaint against the will.

We recently told you that Regina Banala was accusing estate agents of negligence in maintaining Kirsty Paganan’s prized apartments.

According to documents filed in court by Paganan’s daughter-in-law, the late entrepreneurial consultant’s homes have ended up in disrepair. They also suspect that property belonging to estates has disappeared from valuable apartments.

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