A roadside post office is on fire

Posti’s distribution center at Orivede has returned.

There are many rescue units. Reader photo

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A fire broke out at Posti’s distribution center at Theolisusti in Orivesi on Tuesday evening. Rescuers were informed about the fire at 8.18 pm.

It is a hall of approximately 800 square meters.

Currently, the fire is spreading on the roof, and the work of extinguishing it is going on. Fire stations inside the hall have been extinguished, according to a press release from the Birkanma Rescue Service.

By 11pm, the rescue service announced that the fire had been brought under control and the last pockets of fire in the roof structures were being extinguished. Half of the roof of the building had to be demolished.

Major damage

A leader in duty Zari Niminen It was earlier estimated that there would be major damage to property.

– At this time the roof is removed and its support system is turned off, Nieminen said earlier about the situation.

The cause of the fire is still unknown. No personal injuries were reported in the fire, but the property damage to the building was extensive, the rescue service said.

As previously warned, the fire no longer produces significant smoke.

The site has a total of 19 recovery service units and management units. Rescuers will be clearing the road for a few more hours.

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