A Russian soldier tells of a creepy sighting in a Ukrainian forest

Insider interviewed Russian soldiers who experienced the brutality of the Russian army to their own soldiers on the front.

The territories captured by Russia from Ukraine were not occupied without heavy losses in more than two years of war.

Soldiers have been sent at any cost to the Ukrainian defense line. Pushing the Ukrainians back a few hundred meters costing many Russian soldiers their lives.

Independent investigative journalist Domestic Russian media He interviewed Russian soldiers who survived these almost inevitably dangerous missions.

The content of the article may shock the most sensitive.

Some of the dead Russian soldiers will not be discharged. Archive photo of the funeral of a Russian war photographer. EPA/AOP

“We’ll have to figure it out on our own.”

IgorA soldier – (name changed) worked in a strike team, which was responsible for advancing and evacuating the battlefield. Progress was almost entirely on foot.

– The wounded were not allowed to retreat or evacuate. If you can hold a gun, you have to keep moving. Running away was impossible because behind us were machine gun emplacements that “welcomed” anyone who tried to turn back, Igor tells Insider.

Igor says that the Ukrainians destroyed the first advance groups. The following groups drove the Ukrainians back a bit, but most of the soldiers sacrificed their lives for it. Igor’s task was to evacuate badly wounded soldiers to the edge of the front line.

– We have no medical personnel. We had to find out on our own. Due to artillery barrage and suicide drones it is almost impossible to carry wounded. Our own cannon fired once an hour from the cover.

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Advertisements of the Armed Forces can be seen in the Russian street scene. EPA/AOP

A forest full of corpses

Igor describes a situation where he bombed for nine hours.

– The wooded area was littered with bodies. These bodies were decomposed and we trampled on them as we had no other choice. I couldn’t even see the ground below the bodies. In them we took shelter from the artillery fire.

The soldiers had to play dead until the artillery stopped and dusk fell. Out of a company of about a hundred men, only seven survived.

Igor was wounded after his comrade was ejected. He was taken to Volnovakha in eastern Ukraine for surgery. From there, an attempt was made to transfer him to Rostov Hospital, but as it was full, he was taken further away to Vladivostok. Now Igor hopes to be released from the front, because he still has a splinter in his knee that interferes with normal life.

With nine days of training

Another soldier interviewed by Insider Jaroslav (name changed) fought in the villages of Verbov and Robotyn in Ukraine. He was forced to serve in the armed forces despite a suspended sentence.

He was promised two months of training, but it lasted only nine days.

– I didn’t even have time to tell my mother where I was. During the “exercises”, I had time to fire two rounds with the rifle. The first day we were at the shooting range and the rest of the day we were digging ditches. They didn’t prepare us for anything, Jaroslav tells Insider.

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Jaroslav was placed in the motor company, which was usually behind the front line. Instead, he was taken a kilometer away from Ukrainian forces.

Commanders ordered the strike forces forward to their deaths. When the men left, it was Yaroslav’s company’s turn. They don’t care about tactics or training. Just had to go.

– I slept in the trench for three to four hours a day. We always had to look at the area where the Ukrainians could come. I couldn’t go to the bathroom, eat or drink. I ate ice there, Jaroslav recounts.

According to him, there were food deliveries every two days, but the food was cold. Even the water was frozen and there was no way to melt.

Jaroslav was injured in March when shrapnel fell on his leg. He received treatment for his injuries in Berdyansk, Ukraine.

– When I came back from the hospital, they told me I was going to a station I didn’t want to go to. You come back dead or injured. I decided to run to the forest. I found a taxi driver who helped me get to Donetsk. There I got help to cross the border.

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