A sea of ​​candles is lit in memory of a boy who died at the age of four at the Joensuu market Homeland

At least 200 people brought candles in memory of the dead boy to Jones Market on Sunday evening. Details of the death were brought to the public this week at the trial of the child's mother and stepfather.

Nia Salinen came from Bolvijärvi with her father to light a candle in memory of the dead child. Photo: Tanja Perkkiö / Yle

The fate of a four-year-old boy who died last summer in the care of his mother and stepfather touched a wide audience not only in Joensuu but elsewhere.

A memorial event in Joensuu has been called on Facebook, and candles have been lit today at least in Outokumpu, Polvijärvi and Varkaue. Many people prefer to light candles at home.

Jones Market is reached from Sunday evening to evening. Besides candles, teddy bears and miniature cars were brought to the market's watershed. Among the commemorators were many young children and their parents, teenagers and entire families.

14 years old Nia Salinen He came with his father to a place 40 kilometers from Polvijärvi.

– This touched me deeply. She wonders why she had to suffer so much at such a young age.

Dad John Salinen Much thought has been given to the role of child protection in the events leading to the death of a child. He followed all the twists and turns of the case and the news, as the boy belonged to Randakaila of Jonsu, where he lived and died.

– It has severely tested many people's sense of justice. This makes many people very angry, says Salinen.

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Chaliste was in company Katja Brinen He says the least he can do is show his sympathy in the sea of ​​candles. The three brought the candles of two others to the basin of the market of Joensuu.

A large number of people gathered at a market in Joensuu to remember the young child who died.

A large group of people gathered at the water basin of Jones Market to bring candles. Photo: Tanja Perkkiö / Yle

Friends from Jones Krista Salmi And Henna Ricky They have been talking to each other a lot about the case since last summer.

– Once you somehow get to know those people, there's some mistrust here. How can it be so cruel to a small child. I have a small child, so as a mother it is unfathomable. Everything from sadness to anger came to mind, says Salmi.

Zalmi says she felt hopeless as she awaited a verdict earlier this week for the mother and stepfather charged in the child's death.

Besides candles, many teddy bears and small cars were brought to the market.

Teddy bears and miniature cars were also brought to the communal memorial service. Photo: Tanja Perkkiö / Yle

The joint gathering at the women's market and the spontaneous singing of “Man Korvesi Kulsevi Lapsonen Dein” were very touching. Dealing with the event is associated with feelings of powerlessness.

– It's great when people come together to show they care. I hope that somehow this will ensure that it is not forgotten. Ricky thinks this should never happen again.

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