A sentence by Alexandre Kivimegi

Kiwimaki was sentenced to prison on suspicion of hacking Vastamo data and extorting money.

Alexandre Givimegi was formerly known as Julius Givimegi. At the Länsi-Uusimaa District Court, a lengthy trial took place against a man in Vastaamo vyyhti.

The Länsi-Uusimaa District Court imposed the sentence Alexandri Tomminboyka Kivimegi26, six years and three months imprisonment.

There were convictions for aggravated data breach, aggravated attempted intimidation, 9,231 aggravated dissemination of information infringing privacy, 20,745 aggravated menacing and 20 aggravated menacing. Actions took place in the years 2018-2020.

The District Court in no way rejected the prosecution's contention. It only imposed a lighter sentence than what the prosecution had sought. Prosecutors sought a seven-year prison sentence for Kiwimaki, which would have been the maximum sentence for the crimes in question.

Relief from indemnity agreements

Vastamo Vaith's processing began at the Lanzi-Uzima District Court in the middle of last year. Mati matikainen

The district court considered the extreme measures and Kiwimaki's approach too reckless. Taking these factors into account, the appropriate sentence would have been six years and seven months. The sentence was reduced by a few months after Kivimaki began accepting conditional settlements with thousands of interested parties who submitted claims for compensation during the main trial.

Case against Kiwimaki Vastamo did not compensate victims. However, lawyers for hundreds of victims spoke during the trial to STT, Kivimaki has already entered into a settlement agreement with some of the victims. To collect compensation under the agreements, Kiwimaki must be punished for the crimes by a final sentence.

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The judgment of the Länsi-Uusimaa District Court is not legally binding.

Kiwimegi also requested that his sentence be reduced, taking into account the media publicity the case has received. The district court did not accept this argument.

Aleksanteri Kivimaki denied the allegations. Mati matikainen

It's about a data breach at a psychotherapy center called Vastamo, where the sensitive information of around 33,000 people ended up in the wrong hands. They tried to extort money from the victims on the grounds that otherwise the information would be revealed. Eventually, the data was uploaded to the dark Tor network.

In 2020, this extortion money was confiscated.

Mispurchase and Ylilauta discussions

According to the district court, no evidence proved that Kiwimaki was the perpetrator of the crimes. On the other hand, no evidence excludes Kiwimaki's guilt.

The district court found that Kiwimaki used more of the server than it admitted to committing the crimes. Kivimäki used a browser key and an IP address associated with the crime scene.

– It is also worth noting that the server complex involved in the criminal activity is related to the operations of a company partially owned by Kiwimaki, and the company's business idea is also related to the way the criminal complex was made. The District Court ruled.

Among other things, the court pointed out that the bogus purchases made by the Central Crime Branch Police (KRP) had, in its preliminary investigation, “shown with high probability that they had reached Kiwimaki's bank account”.

The court also enlisted Kivimegi's Yillauta writing as evidence.

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Kiwimaki closed in 2023

Kiwimaki is practically the prime suspect at the scene of the crime. The matter became public in October 2022 when he was arrested in absentia. Kiwimäki, who had been hiding in France with false identity documents, was finally caught and extradited to Finland in 2023.

Kiwimaki has since been remanded in custody. An exception.

Kiwimaki disappeared briefly during the trial and the district court released him from pre-trial detention. An appeals court overturned the acquittal at the request of prosecutors, but Kiwimegi did not immediately return to prison.

At the end of a week-long escape, police caught Kivimäki in a private apartment in Helsinki.

The CEO was previously convicted

The first trial of Vastaamo-vyyht was completed a year ago. Then the former CEO of Vastamo Ville Tapio A three-month suspended prison sentence was imposed for the data protection offence.

Tapio was in charge of the company when the data breach occurred.

The judgment of the Helsinki District Court is not legally binding.

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