A serious proposal from Navalny's widow

Yulia Navalnaya has asked the EU not to recognize the results of the Russian presidential election.

Dead opposition leader in Russia To Alexei Navalny the widow Yulia Navalny presented a serious plan. He asked the European Union not to recognize the outcome of the Russian presidential election in March. This was reported by Reuters.

– Do not recognize these elections. In a speech to the European Union's Foreign Affairs Council, he said a president who assassinated his main political opponent could not be considered legitimate.

Western leaders like the President of the United States Joe Biden Accused Vladimir Putin Death of Navalny. But the Kremlin has denied any involvement in the death.

The details of the death remain unclear, but according to Navalny, Navalny's associates will soon release details and evidence about why and how he was killed.

Russian elections

According to polls, Putin's approval rating is above 80 percent, according to Reuters. Three minor candidates are challenging Putin, but the presidential race is unlikely to be close because the incumbent president has the full support of the government and state-run media.

Last December, Navalny was reported to have urged Russians to vote for “somebody else” instead of Putin. He was back in February emphasized In X to protest Putin in the upcoming elections.

– This is a country-wide struggle, which is taking place not only in every city but in every district. It is completely legal and safe. There is no way to stop this action. What can they do?

The first round of voting in Russia's presidential election will take place on Sunday, March 17.

Yulia Navalnaya at the Munich Security Conference. Mark Muller / MSC / Manual Manual, AOP

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