A serious threat from SDP – Petteri Orpo now responds

All the legal experts consulted by the Prime Minister Petteri Orbo Committee were unconcerned about the impossibility of enacting a “conversion law”. Orpo emphasizes the view of the Constitutional Law Commission.

Prime Minister Petteri Orbo insists that the government is looking more broadly at enacting the border law than legal scholars. Mico Huisco

In its report released on Tuesday, parliament’s constitutional law committee believes it is possible for the government to enact a border law, even if it conflicts with Finland’s human rights obligations. However, the committee sought changes in the proposal, for example, regarding the next legal protection procedure for land claimants.

The law would give border officials the right to return asylum seekers to Russia at the eastern border.

Prime Minister Peter Orbo (kok) The Constitutional Law Commission considers it important to consider the possibility of enacting legislation.

– We need this legislation and strengthening of our border security. Now we have a chance to move forward, Orpo commented to Iltalehte.

“Let’s see the changes together”

In order for legislation to be approved, it must be passed in Parliament in the order in which the Constitution is enacted. Approval requires a two-thirds majority.

However, unless the bill is notified as a matter of urgency, the law will not come into force during this election period. It requires a five-sixth majority of MPs in Parliament.

The Green Party and the Left Alliance oppose the plan. Executive committee member of the opposition STP Johannes Koskinen He threatened on Tuesday that the SDP may withdraw the motion if the government does not make the changes the party is demanding.

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According to Koskinen, “the social democrats certainly need changes that go beyond what the Constitutional Law Commission says”. Without the support of the SDP, the motion cannot be implemented as a matter of urgency.

Prime Minister Orbo insists that the executive committee will carefully look at what the constitutional committee said and make changes in the report based on that.

– I hope that the parliamentary parties can adopt this as widely as possible. I believe security issues are also the starting point of SDP. Then we will work with the parliamentary parties to see if they can make changes that are sensible, acceptable to the majority, and workable. Orbo says it’s not worth creating a law that doesn’t work.

“We can move forward”

What if all the jurists consulted by the committee thought it could not be regulated?

– The Constitutional Law Commission in its report opined that the Act may be enacted as an exceptional law. We have a responsibility for border security and national security, and we have to find that way. That’s why we started this exceptional legal path, it’s possible to do it.

Orpo reminds us that the Constitution includes an exceptional legal procedure for exceptional circumstances.

– Russia’s hybrid influence in Finland is exceptional, which is why we are going this way.

What if legal scholars consider that these contracts cannot be ignored even if there is an exception law?

– The Constitutional Committee has said that it can. Orbo says that the government can continue according to the plan then.

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– The difference is that legal scholars look at it from a purely legal point of view, but we have an overall responsibility for Finland and Finland’s security. We need to find solutions, it is not enough for us that it is not possible, continues the Prime Minister.

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