A significant change in the weather, the heat is easing

– In fact, days are coming when the temperature is below +20 degrees across the country, he says.

Thunderstorms will weaken on Monday

Thunderstorms appear to be weakening compared to the weekend. It will also move eastwards on Monday.

– There is a chance of thunderstorms on Monday along the southern coast and the eastern part of the country and Kainu, Rintanemi says.

In western Finland, the weather will be very sunny on Monday. Even in the north, you can enjoy mainly rainy weather.

– It’s still hot. Normally, we are in the 25-28 degree range.

It is cooler in places in Lapland and by the sea.

The most dangerous heat will be over by Tuesday as the humidity drops.

On Tuesday, the grinding heat begins to ease

On Tuesday, temperatures in the eastern parts of the country will still rise above 25 degrees, but the western part of the country is already in slightly drier, summery temperatures. Tuesday will not be the hottest day in the western part of the country.

– There is a somewhat uncertain area of ​​rain north of Finland on Tuesday, but at the moment the rain seems to be mainly about the northern part of the country. Thunderstorms are possible with this low front.

However, Rintaniemi adds that this possibility of a rain zone has varied slightly in forecasts. So the rain will be heavier on Tuesday and may extend a little further south.

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By mid-week, a slightly dry, summer-like warm and sunny spell will follow. Rintaniemi says it’s still possible to exceed the temperature limit during the day.

– Wednesday looks warmer in the eastern part of the country, where it may still be close to thirty degrees. In the western part of the country, we may be slightly below the heat threshold.

Rain all week

After Wednesday, there will be a very significant change in the weather. Rindanimi says it will rain on Thursday.

The west and south are likely to experience very heavy rain on Thursday. However, he recalls that Jupiter’s rains are still difficult to pinpoint at this point.

– Widespread rain is likely across the country to the east, but temperatures may still reach warmer temperatures in dusty areas.

The rest of the week looks set to have low-pressure weather. Cool, cloudy and rainy conditions will keep temperatures widely in the 15-20 degree range from Friday.

So only southern Finland will reach 20 degrees at the weekend. It is also likely that there will be some heavy and prolonged rains.

– Let’s take a breather from this heat, Rintanemi says.

Rintaniemi says the terrain is very dry, although it rains briskly in some places.

The exceptionally early warm period now appears to be coming to an end. Rintaniemi Finally in light of the monthly forecast, June still looks good with normal or slightly warmer weather.

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