A terrifying discovery in the Andes

Body of American hiker who went missing 20 years ago found in Peru

The body of an American climber was found in the Andes more than 20 years ago. AOP

The mummified remains of an American who went missing while climbing the Andes mountains in Peru have been found 22 years later, AFP news agency reported.

William Stampfl59, was reported missing in June 2002 after an avalanche buried his climbing party at an altitude of more than 6,700 meters on Mount Huascaran.

Peruvian police said Stampfl’s mummified body was revealed when the ice melted. The clothes and other equipment he wore were in good condition. Stampfl was identified by a passport recovered from his possessions.

Stampfl embarked on a fateful climbing expedition with two other Americans. Steve Erskinen And of Matthew RichardsonWith June 2022. An avalanche stopped their climb on June 24, 2002. Previously, only Erskine’s body had been found.

Huascarán is located in the Peruvian Andes in the Cordillera Blanca mountain range. With 50 mountains above 5,500 meters, the region is a popular climbing destination.

Due to global warming, the area of ​​permanent glaciers in the Cordillera Blanca decreased by a third from the 1970s to 2006. If Earth’s climate continues to warm at its current rate, the glaciers of the Cordillera Blanca It is believed to disappear By the end of this century.

Last month, five bodies were found on Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain.

Glaciers around the world are melting and their surface area is shrinking, and most scientists attribute this to ever-accelerating climate change.

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