A tough opening from the Oluville police chief

Arto Karnaranta, deputy police chief of the Oulu Police Department, will be on hand to close the summer street running through the shopping center Valkea at night.

Assistant Inspector General of Police, Olu Police Department Art incarnated Oulu will be prepared for drastic measures to improve the security of the centre.

On Wednesday, the city of Oulu and the police told a press conference that they are ready to control traffic on Summer Street, which runs through the Karnaranda shopping center Valkia.

– Personally, I think it would be better to close that part of the street at night.

The closure of Kesakadu can be seen as a drastic measure as it is a street that runs through the shopping centre. In practice, closing Kesäkatu means closing Isonkatu, one of Oulu’s main streets.

Karnaranda admitted that even closing the street was not possible. The police cannot order it to be closed.

– Personally, I wouldn’t mind if there was a discussion about closing that part of the street, for example, from midnight to 6 a.m., Karnaranda said.

Karnaranda insisted that this was his own opinion. According to him, the Oulu Police Department has no position in this matter.

The city of Olu and the police jointly organized a press conference on Wednesday regarding the stabbing incident in Kesakadu.

In attacks last Thursday and Tuesday this week, native Finns stabbed people of foreign backgrounds. In the press conference, Karnaranda mentioned that there were signs of racial motive in both the incidents.

Thursday’s attack happened at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday’s stabbing at 10:30 p.m. Closing the Kazakh at night would not have prevented the boxing.

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Karnaranda agrees with this. However, he says there are other things happening at night on Summer Street that need police attention.

The press conference was attended by Oulu City Youth Manager Jarmo Leitinen, City Manager Ari Aladosava, Deputy Police Chief Arto Karnaranta and Crime District Commissioner Markus Kiskinen. Jussi Korhonen

“Gasoline for the Campfire”

Chairman of the Olu City Council Jarmo J. Husso (The cook) was there to listen to Karnaranda’s opening. He thinks the idea of ​​closing the street is brave.

– The police may have thrown gasoline on the campfire, Huso says.

He suspects the opening will spark a lively debate. Husso recalls that when the shopping center was built, the people of Oulu were adamant that Isongadu should be passable at all times, even when the shopping center was built.

– When car traffic was removed from it, especially light traffic users preferred to pass through it.

Husso says he expects at least a solid review before any street closures in Oulu.

– Somehow, it’s scary to have a street that’s too physically dangerous to let people in at a certain time.

Oulu City Council President Jarmo J. Husso assesses that the idea of ​​closing Summer Street at night will spark debate. Jussi Korhonen

Shared living room

Shopping center Valkea opened in 2016. Summer Street was expected to become a common living room for the townspeople.

– For us from Oulu, this is a wonderful living room and has not turned into a winter garden. This needs to be said today. Realizing what happened in our living room was absolutely horrifying, Huso says.

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Husso says all Oulu council groups are unanimous in condemning the stabbings.

– Everyone in the general front is shocked by what happened. There has never been, and never will be, any political conflict in this matter.

The city’s migrant community has said that the stabbing incidents are causing fear. Hasso hopes for a better day.

– Oulu is an internationalizing and growing development center. Today it hurts, tomorrow it will be healthy.

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