A young man fell asleep at the wheel – the car moved into the oncoming lane with dire consequences

The 21-year-old fell asleep at the wheel after a long shift.

Rescuers cut the roof off the man's car. Case material

The young man fell asleep at the wheel and fell into the oncoming lane.

Three people traveling in the oncoming car were seriously injured. The driver was also injured.

In April 2022, a catastrophic accident occurred in Kittila.

The man who just celebrated his 21st birthday has jumped behind the wheel at the end of a long job shift. He was traveling from Kittila to Rovaniemi.

The journey was only about 20 kilometers when the man fell asleep at the wheel.

Then he woke up from the hospital. He had fractures to his sternum and ribs and was diagnosed with internal injuries and bleeding on the brain.

It was dark at the time of the accident, although the road was well lit. Case material

The accident was held almost two years later in the district court of Lapland.

The prosecutor demanded that the man be punished for seriously endangering traffic safety and for causing three serious injuries.

The man admitted the crimes in the basic form.

An oncoming car hit the concrete fence. Case material

He said the poor sleep and long workdays are behind him. On the day of the accident, the man worked a 12-hour shift.

The district court also concluded that it was a matter of taking a momentary nap due to fatigue or other impaired vision.

As he said, the man didn't seem tired. According to the court, it was not shown that he consciously took the risk when he started driving.

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The district court of Lapland fined a man born in 2001 for endangering traffic safety and three injuries.

80 daily fines for a man with a total income of 1,600 euros.

Judgment is final.

The occupants of the oncoming car were seriously injured. Case material

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