After Stubb's swearing-in, Petteri Orbo went wild – and the evening went on like that

The Prime Minister raised a glass of beer to honor the incoming President.

Petteri Orpo and his entourage celebrated Stubb's inauguration in Munkkiniemi county. Joel Mysalmi

Alexander Stubb He was sworn in as the President of the Republic of Finland on Friday. Members of Parliament, former Prime Ministers and invited guests attended the swearing-in ceremony. After the festival day program, the Prime Minister Peter Orbo (cok.) went to the local Kalya in Munginimi with his group.

In his party, he was the head of research for the coalition Andi VesalaAlso a pop star Paula Vesala Brother. Vesala shared a photo of the beer moment on his Instagram. Orbo's wife is also in the picture Niina Kanniainan-Orbo.

– Today, the new President of the Republic was sworn in. Celebrating what happened in Munkkiniemi county with a good group, Vesala writes briefly with his photo.

You can see the image below or From here.

Ildelethi caught up with Vesal to comment on the evening's progress.

– The evening went very well, relaxed, but in any case a bourgeois fashionable atmosphere, Andy Vesala described.

– There were mostly people from the party office and some others.

According to him, the group includes the secretary of the alliance party Christina Coco and his wife.

– We were all very happy to have Petteri and Nina join us. Petteri was once an employee of a party organization, so he knows how to appreciate and thank a group that, for example, does a lot in the elections but shows little outside.

He sees many strengths in Stubb with an eye on the presidency.

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– Alex Stubb will be in his element as president as he works with world leaders and meets citizens in various parts of Finland. I believe that “unifying factor” is not just a slogan, but it represents a concrete way of working for him.

unforgettable day

Stubb's inauguration ceremonies were seen at the Presidential Palace and Parliament, where he delivered his first speech as a president.

During Friday's celebrations, the focus was also on the doctor Jenny Hockion And By Suzanne Innes-Stubb steady gait, Hello Marine A shocking last speech to parliament by Sauli Niinisto, among others, sitting in robes separated from other former prime ministers.

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