Aleksanteri Kivimäki is missing – this is the lawyer's opinion

Alexandre Kivimegi has been charged with serious crimes related to the Vastamo data breach.

Alexander Kivimegi (formerly Julius Kiwimaki) is ordered to be re-imprisoned. However, Kiwimaki was not reached. The lawyer confirms the matter to Iltalethi Are you hungry?.

The Court of Appeal issued a written judgment in the sentencing case on Friday.

– Imprisonment could not be enforced. Vainio Iltalehte says that the obvious reason was not to reach Kiwimaki.

Advocate of Kiwimaki Peter Zary to inform Iltalethi that Kivimaki had not come running.

– Kiwimaki did not run, but I do not know where he is. I urged him to register, but his message is that we will see him soon in the district court next week, I believe he will appear there, if the police do not catch him before, Zari commented in his message to Iltalehde.

Be the first to report Kivimaki missing Helsing's Sanomat newspaper. Since then, in the morning, Kivimegi has sent a message to HS that she is missing from HSPU.

– Kivimaki says that means I am not running away, I will definitely be seen in court HS:lle.

The investigation is ongoing

On Friday, the Helsinki Court of Appeal ordered Kivimäki back in prison for crimes related to the Vastamo data breach. A decision by the Lanzi-Uzima District Court allowed Kiwimaki to remain free for only a few weeks.

Kiwimaki was released from pre-trial detention on February 5. The district court held that there were no further conditions for Kiwimaki's detention.

The Court of Appeal assesses the matter differently. According to Vainio, the Court of Appeal did not present any new reason for the prison terms.

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The Vastamo investigation is still ongoing. Kiwimegi's demise should not have any effect on the legal process as the matter would be resolved even without his presence.

Accused of serious crimes, Alexandri Kivimegi was ordered back to prison and has since disappeared. Henry Carcainan

travel ban

The district court on February 5 released Kiwimaki from pre-trial detention. At the same time, it imposed a travel ban on him and ordered him to stay in the Espoo area.

Kivimegi was ordered to remain at his residence from 19:00 to 08:00 every day. He should report to the police department three times a week and be available from a specific phone number whenever required.

The lawyer appealed to the court the very next day, February 6, considering that the terms of the prison sentence were still in place. The basis is, inter alia, the risk of evasion.

Howie was imprisoned again

In its ruling on Friday, the appeals court sided with the lawyers.

Kiwimaki was arrested in France in February last year, where he appeared under a false identity. Kivimaki has no place to study or work in Finland and has lived abroad for years. He also has a wife and child abroad. The court considered Kiwimäki to have a closer connection with foreign countries than with Finland.

In addition, Kivimäki has property in unclaimed cryptocurrency. Kiwimaki did not deny this in his reply. He had previously held false travel documents and had not voluntarily come to Finland for trial.

The court held that all these facts supported the prosecutor's view of the risk of evasion.

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The fact that Kiwimaki's expected sentence was long also supported this point. The lawyer is demanding that he be sentenced to 7 years in prison.

– Interest in solving the matter is great, awareness of criminal responsibility is important. The level of criminal suspicion supports Kiwimaki's detention at this stage, even though the period of deprivation of liberty has already been long, the appeals court said in its reasons for decision.

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Counter data breach

Patient data of psychotherapy center Vastamo ended up in the hands of a hacker in November 2018.

In September-October 2020, money was successfully extorted from victims. About 33,000 people's information was leaked on the DarkDoor network.

Aleksanteri Kivimäki is suspected of data breach and extortion. In October 2022 he was wanted on suspicion and arrested in absentia. In February 2023, he was captured in France.

At first, the police had difficulty finding all the victims of the data breach and extortion, but in August 2023, the police announced that they had succeeded in doing so due to an international request for legal aid.

Prosecutors filed charges against Kiwimaki in October 2023. Prosecutors are seeking seven years in prison for Kiwimaki for aggravated data breach, attempted aggravated intimidation, 9,598 aggravated dissemination of information that violates privacy, 21,316 threats and 20 aggravated attempted threats.

The investigation includes a total of 21,459 litigants, i.e. victims of the acts as per the charge sheet.

In April, Vastaamo CEO Ville Tapio was sentenced to a three-month suspended prison sentence for a data protection offence. The judgment is not legally binding, but is subject to appeal in court.

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12:58 Fact box fixed. Note that Ville Tapio's conviction from the courts is not legally binding.

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