America attacked Syria and Iraq

The US retaliated last week after a drone strike killed three US soldiers. The attacks took place in Iraq and Syria.

The US launched several airstrikes in Syria and Iraq on Friday. The strikes were reportedly in retaliation for the killing of three US soldiers in a drone strike in Jordan last week.

According to news agency Reuters, the US struck more than 85 targets belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and groups it supports. According to the US military, the strikes hit command centers and missile and drone warehouses, among other things. White House Press Secretary John Kirby A statement said airstrikes hit three buildings in Iraq and four in Syria.

– We notified the Iraqi government in advance, the White House spokesman said John Kirby told reporters.

According to the US Defense Forces, the attacks were carried out with, among other things, long-range B-1 bombers. Bombers from the US flew into the area.

– According to preliminary information, we hit exactly where we wanted to hit. Ammunition and logistics sites along with many aftershocks, the US military Douglas Sims said CNN:lle.

Biden commented

These attacks are believed to be only the first part of the presidency Joe Biden's Management's multi-step counterattack. Although the U.S. strikes did not target any targets inside Iran, they could raise concerns about rising tensions in the Middle East.

– Our response started today. “It will continue at times and places we choose,” Biden said in a statement.

– America does not seek conflict in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world. If you harm an American, we will respond, Biden said.

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Syrian state media reported on Friday that a “US attack” on its targets in desert areas and along the Syria-Iraq border resulted in several casualties and injuries.

An Iraqi military spokesman Yahya Rasool A statement said the attacks violated Iraq's sovereignty and caused instability in the region.

Timed according to weather conditions

Sims said the timing of Friday's attacks was based on the weather in the area. Weather-wise, Friday is the “best chance,” according to Sims.

– Although American munitions could operate in cloud cover, we waited for good weather to ensure we hit the right targets.

The story was added with additional information at 7:00 a.m.

US strikes targets in Syria and Iraq AOP

The Americans' Tower 22 base was attacked by drones last week. Three American soldiers were killed in the attack. The site is located near the border between Jordan and Syria. CNN

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