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Too short defrosting can cause a lot of problems for the car. Among other things, seals, locks and brakes are at risk.

Pirita Keto cleans her car of melted snow as she leaves the shopping center's parking garage. Photo: Johanna Manu / Yell

Many motorists struggle with a frozen car in severe frost and wonder how to thaw the car.

It can be recalled that if the motorist does not have his own heated garage, the car will melt in the heated garage of the shopping center. There, it can already partially melt during a few hours of shopping trip.

Autolito Road Service Agent Matti Nemi However, this is not recommended. According to Nimi, a car's short-term meltdown can do more harm than good.

– If you don't dry them well and put silicone on them, all the seals will freeze, says Niemi.

According to Niemi, the locks will also have problems. In those cars where the lock is opened manually with a key, the lock housing freezes and the key does not go into the lock.

– Condenser can get between water seals, and work any lever inside the door. Brakes can also lock up, Niemi continues.

Road service representative Matti Niemi doesn't recommend freezing cars in a short-term park. Photo: Johanna Manu / Yell

Gaskets are susceptible to damage

According to Nimi, if you're trying to thaw a car, it needs to be warm for a long time. The main thing is that after melting, all seals are dried and silicone is placed on them.

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Nimi has had experiences of motorists first thawing their car in a parking garage and driving back in the freezing cold. Cases are not very frequent, but frozen doors, for example, are a big deal even for Autoliito experts.

– Yes, we can safely break the door, but the seals are affected, says Niemi.

Nimi won't take the car for a wash in the freezing cold.

Autolito's experts have a variety of tools for motorists' problems, but few motorists have such tools, at least not in a car.

– We can help with starting, running out of fuel and tire problems, Niemi lists.

Through the front door to the back container

From Turku Break the ghetto Mainly he keeps his car outside.

On Thursday, he drove his car to the Lancicescus parking garage because he had gone to eat in the same building. On the same trip, Ghetto took advantage of the warm weather to brush melted snow off his car.

– I didn't drive here to melt the car, says Geto.

Ghetto says he washed his car last week. Then the thermometer was on the plus side, but the next morning the doors were frozen shut. To solve the problem, he had to use an indoor space heater.

– I got stuff from the back drawer through the front door, Ghetto laughs.

Also from Raisia Yes, Siren Drove to Lanzikeskus on Thursday shopping trip. Sirén's car was not particularly frozen, but to ensure the operation of the electric windows, for example, he wanted to drive the car to a warm state.

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A man wipes the window of a melting car in a parking garage.

The Immo Siren from Raisio knows that moisture must always be dried before the car cools again. Photo: Johanna Manu / Yell

Siren knows that short-term defrosting gets the car wet, which can cause problems in the future. Parking in the store hall for a few hours will not dry the car properly.

– This is first aid only. Siren says it should be a day.

However, he has a background as a car mechanic, so he used paper to dry, for example, door mirrors and windows. Siren's car doors have never frozen before.

– Moisture must always be removed, he summarizes.

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