Another act of violence in Oulu’s shopping center Valkea – security guards caught stabbing suspect | Brief message

Police have arrested a man who is believed to have attacked another man with a knife at the mall premises.

There were no signs of violence at Walkia shopping center at 11pm. Photo: Janne Körkkö / Yle

Tobias Beltonen,

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Oulu police say they have arrested a man suspected of attacking another man with a sharp weapon in the Oulu shopping center Valkea on Tuesday evening. Last week too, there was a violent incident at the same shopping center.

The victim has been taken to hospital. Later, the police said that his life was not in danger. The case is being investigated as attempted murder.

At this stage, police say they will not be releasing further details about the course of events or those involved. We will tell you about this on Wednesday.

Ozuzkauppa Arena says he was stabbed at 21:25 in the shopping center’s Kesakadu. The mall security guards arrested the suspected criminal.

The shopping center management is closely monitoring the situation and assisting the authorities in their best efforts in the investigation. The victim was not a Valkeya employee.

The shopping center was very quiet after the situation. Video: Janne Gorko / Yell

Yle’s cameraman, who arrived at the scene around 11pm, says the shopping center is empty and there are no visible signs of events.

Last week, a 12-year-old child of foreign origin was stabbed in the same shopping centre. The suspect has far-right links and a history of violent crime. The man arrested on Monday has denied a racist motive and intent to kill.

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Security Manager: Recent events are extraordinary

Shopping Center Manager Heli Sironen The second incident of violence in a short span of time is naturally shocking, he says.

However, he insists that both cases show how strong the shopping center’s enforcement of the order can be.

Security Manager of Valkea Shopping Centre Mati Aladalo The recent acts of violence at the shopping center are exceptional.

– After all, it is very unusual, what just happened. Especially now another one like this [väkivallanteko] Later, Alatalo commented to Yle on Tuesday evening.

According to Alatalo, the shopping center has enough guards and orderlies.

– Of all the sites in Oulu, the Valkea shopping center has the most security guards. A lot of effort has been put into it, says the security manager.

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