Apple came under EU investigation – trying to intimidate the Union into ending the investigation or artificial intelligence operations will not reach Europe

Petteri Piney

Jun 23, 2024 at 11:10 am

Apple Having grown so large over the past decade and a half, the company’s hopes for its own influence seem a bit grand.

Apple is now like every other company operating in Europe of the European Union New Digital Markets Act – LAN subordinates. In addition, Apple and many other large companies are included For the list of gatekeeper organizations called under the DMA Act.
Tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, who wield enormous influence online, are considered gatekeepers.

The DMA Act treats these companies especially carefully because the purpose of the Act is to protect consumer privacy and ensure that smaller competitors have a fair chance to compete against technology companies.
Because of the new rules, Apple has already had to take the spoon in its pretty hand and accept changes in how the company operates in Europe. The most obvious change is the switch to USB charging for iPhones. The App Store’s monopoly on the iPhone application store needs to be broken.
Apple treated all these requests with extreme caution. Regarding USB-C charging, there were even rumors that the charging connector would be completely removed from iPhones sold in the EU. But an even bigger friction is found in the app store Apple has tried to find solutions to maintain its App Store monopoly by making apps difficult or expensive to download..
For these and many other factors, the EU seems to be giving up on Apple Heavy penalty For violation of DMA Act. Penalties can run into billions.
Now it seems that Apple has decided to “revenge” the situation in the EU. Advanced artificial intelligence integrated into the operating system based on the latest iPhone models has been introduced OpenAI: N For GPT language models.
Apple’s announcement came just minutes after rumors of an EU investigation began to circulate AI functions can be completely blocked from being published in EuropeCiting “ambiguities in the DMA Act”.
Therefore, the artificial intelligence functions of iPhones should have nothing to do with the DMA Act, so this decision seems to be purely a means of pressure from Apple. Trying to bend The EU should drop its investigation of unrelated violations.
About Leg Apple’s global revenue comes from Europe. This figure includes Britain, which no longer belongs to the EU, but which creates national legislation that is largely applicable to the DMA Act.

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