Apple delays launch of artificial intelligence service in EU countries – blames uncertainty created by regulation | Brief message

Artificial intelligence integrated into the company’s smartphones won’t be available in Europe at least this year.

Stock photo. Apple Store in Frankfurt, Germany. Credit: Armando Papani / EPA

Tech giant Apple has announced that it is suspending the sale of smartphones with artificial intelligence functions in EU countries. According to the company, the reason is the EU Digital Market Act DMA.

Apple announced Apple Intelligence Services earlier in June. The aim is to integrate ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI this year, into Apple phones.

Through the Digital Markets Act, the EU imposes obligations on companies classified as gatekeepers due to their dominant position. The aim is to ensure that the position of giants in the market does not become disproportionately high.

“We are committed to working with the EU Commission to find a solution that allows us to bring these functions to our customers in EU countries without compromising their information security,” Apple said.

Earlier in the year, Apple announced its commitment to comply with the DMA’s requirements. The commission is expected to announce in the near future whether it will consider changes Apple has made to meet the requirements. Competition Commissioner Margaret Vestager Apple’s actions were recently judged inadequate.

Apple’s announcement of the OpenAI collaboration sent the company’s stock price soaring when the matter was announced. The exclusion of EU countries significantly reduces the market for new activity.

Source: AFP

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