Arbo demanded opposition leadership in labor market situation – “Are you trying to be the prime minister of the whole country?” | principle

According to Prime Minister Petteri Orbo, the government's local bargaining, labor peace or export model have not weakened the position of the ordinary wage earner.

Opposition parties attacked the government and Prime Minister Petteri Orbo during parliamentary question time. SDP demanded Orpo to show leadership.

The main topic of Thursday's Question Time was today's dire labor market situation, which was discussed throughout the hour.

Opposition parties were severely attacked by the Prime Minister Peter's Heel (Collective) Vs., seeking leadership in the labor market situation and initiating negotiations with the workforce.

SDP leader Anti Lindeman According to the “labor market chaos” is no longer in anyone's hands.

– When people listen to you, they ask if you are trying to be the Prime Minister of this whole country. You always blame others. No clarity on whether you have selected your side. It seems you are not allowed to make a decision on the matter, Lindman said.

On Monday, strikes halted ports and cargo traffic. Major forestry companies have announced the closure of paper mills due to the strike. UPM and Stora Enso stopped paying workers at closed factories.

The reason behind the strikes is that employers are dissatisfied with the government's work-life reforms. On the other hand, the government is unwilling to compromise on the matter.

“This is a test of your leadership”

Chairman of the SDP Parliamentary Committee I cursed and swept away One wonders why the government refuses to negotiate with the wage earners.

– Prime Minister Orbo, this is a leadership test for you. There is a saying that you should stop digging when you are in a hole. How deep do you have to go before you can raise your head again? I wonder when you will take over the leadership.

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Prime Minister Orbø responded that Finland is really in a hole that it needs to get out of.

– For fifteen years, the economy has not grown, well-being is threatened.

Leader of the Parliamentary Committee of the Left Alliance Jussi Saramo Basic reminded the leader of the Finns Rika Puran The strikes are said to be aimed at objects as small as a fly.

– How stupid do you have to be if you bring this country to its knees and have a fly size labor market mess, Saramo asked.

Congressman Olga Oinas-Panuman (Central), for a long time, there was no dispute about anything other than power disputes.

– I am asking both the left-wing brake department and the right-wing handkerchief club to end this mess and return to the negotiating table.

Head of the Centre Annika Saricone Accordingly, the strike will continue beyond this spring.

– This will cost Finland competitiveness for many years. I hope you will think seriously about this, Chariko appealed to Orbo.

Orbo: Government's proposals do not worsen the wage earner's position

According to Orbo, he and the Labor Minister Arto Satonen (Collective) Actively interacts with all parties to the dispute and solutions are mapped out.

However, according to the Prime Minister, the government is abandoning key reforms proposed by the workers' side through negotiations.

– So we have to abandon the necessary reforms. Because strikes are overrated.

– If you're looking for a fight, you'll find it there, Arbo pointed to the left side of the hall.

According to Orbo, the government's local bargaining, labor peace, or export model have not weakened the position of the ordinary wage earner.

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– It makes it possible for neighbors to find work and the company protects bad times and jobs.

– We are renewing the labor market in the 2020s, come on, Arbo said.

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