Armed group seizes TV station live in Ecuador – Abroad

A state of emergency was declared in Ecuador on Monday due to the unrest of drug organizations. Peru also declared a state of emergency on its border with Ecuador.

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For commando beans A group of armed men attacked the live television broadcast on Tuesday afternoon local time, according to news agencies AFP and Reuters. A group armed with guns and grenades forced employees of the TC TV channel to lie on the ground in the city of Guayaquil.

Broadcast includes stabbing and gunfire. Some masked men left the studio with some workers.

told the National Police News Service In X He sent special forces to the scene. About 30 minutes after the attack began, police were seen entering the studio. After some time, the employees of the media house were evacuated, police said.

In Ecuador Explosions have sparked unrest and at least seven police officers have been abducted. Also, there have been riots in prisons. According to officials, at least 10 people have died in the unrest.

President of Ecuador Daniel Nobowa A state of national emergency was declared on Monday due to the uncontrolled situation of drug systems and prisons. Exceptions include a 60-day suspension of operations by the military. According to the president, there is a civil armed conflict in Ecuador.

“We will not negotiate with terrorists, and we will not rest until peace is restored to all Ecuadorians,” Noboa said at the time.

The mob responded with a video of one of the kidnapped policemen being forced to read a message to President Nobowa.

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“You declared war, so you will get war. You declared a state of emergency. We declare the police, civilians and soldiers war criminals,” a shocked police officer read in the video.

On Tuesday, the Peruvian government declared a state of emergency along the border with Ecuador. Prime Minister Alberto Oterolan Under the emergency law, authorities have the option to send soldiers to support police forces at the border. According to the prime minister, Peru's defense and interior ministers will also go to the border to coordinate operations.

Reuters also reported that the Chinese embassy and consulate in Ecuador will be closed indefinitely starting Wednesday.

of Ecuador A gang leader known as a very dangerous criminal Jose Adolfo Macias He escaped from jail on Sunday. A crime boss known as Fito, Los Soneros is the boss of drug trafficking.

A candidate for Ecuador's presidential election Fernando Villavicencio He said he received threats from Fito. Villavicencio was gunned down at an election rally in the country's capital, Quito, 11 days before the election.

The election was finally won by 35-year-old Noboa, whose father is one of Ecuador's richest men. After winning the election, Nobowa vowed to bring peace to the violence-torn country.

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