Ay Question – Presidential candidates get excited about politics

Presidential candidates disagree on whether the president should intervene in conflicts between the Ai movement and the government.

Presidential candidate Alexander Stubb (kok) In his speech to IS's Great Election Exam last week, he reiterated that the president's job is not to intervene in the labor market situation or be a party.

Stubb will not interfere in restricting the right to strike.

Presidential candidate Harry Harkimo (liik) Must answer Stubbs first. Harkimo disagrees with Stubb, who, as president, will invite social partners to Mandiniemi.

– Of course, the President has no semblance of authority over the Ai movement. It does not seem surprising that if there is a crisis and a general strike or major industrial disputes in Finland, I am not allowed to call the employers and employees to a joint meeting, where they will explain to me. An industrial dispute is coming, Harkimo said, is there any chance of a settlement.

Presidential candidate I flew to Juta (SD) delivered an emphatic speech in support of the acquiescence. Urbilainen warned of the consequences of escalating the situation.

– Now, in the worst case scenario, we are heading into the worst labor struggles since World War II. We break something we don't know how to fix.

– I take this situation very seriously. That is why, as the President of the Republic, I feel that the labor market partners cannot be invited to the government's debate, where I will plead in favor of the agreement, said Urbilainen.

Urbilainen retired as Minister of Economy To Ville Wrightman (ps) About the mafia analogy. At the end of December, Rietman wrote in X that “Hakkanimi ai-Mafia is not interested in protecting jobs in Finland, not in our country's competitiveness, not in economic development, not in the interests of the motherland. Employee”.

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– If there is a minister in the country who uses the concept of the trade union movement as a mafia, I think that is the language that the president can also intervene, said Urbilainen.

Presidential candidate Jussi halla-aho (ps), Minister Reidman's party brother, was allowed to respond to Urbylainen's criticism.

– We have heard from some organizations of the Ai movement that various measures of the Ai movement are aimed at reducing the support of the basic Finns. Yes, I take it as a political attack.

– Then we can ask whether such organizations are not in the business of their members, i.e. employees, or have become extensions of political parties, Halla-Aho threw.

As president, Halla-Aho won't be too enthusiastic about taking a stand on the labor market.

Presidential candidate Lee Anderson (Left) The idea that the president could take a stand on labor market issues and the welfare state was strong.

Presidential candidate Ollie Rehan (Centre) reiterated its latest plans to prevent labor market stagnation.

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