Bad news from Petteri Orbo: In Russia, even thousands of people are ready to move to Finland – politics

According to President Sauli Niinistö, asylum seekers who crossed the eastern border have been sent back to Finland. Prime Minister Petteri Orbo (Kog) says the law forces them to withdraw.

Prime Minister Peter Orbo (kok) says that hundreds or thousands of people in Russia are ready to go to Finland.

Orbo addressed the media on the current political affairs at the party council meeting of the alliance on Saturday.

IS asked Orbo how Russia changed its operations.

– We decided to extend the complete closure of the eastern border by one month. As stated in the basis for Thursday's decision, we do not see a change in Russia's behavior. It is estimated that hundreds or thousands of people in Russia are still willing to cross the border to Finland. Hence, it became necessary to continue the siege. It worked, but we need to be prepared for this phenomenon to expand, Orbo says.

President Sauli Niinistö Asylum seekers who crossed the eastern border and continued into the European Union were sent back to Finland, IS said in an interview.

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How many of them have been sent back and what will be done with them?

– I don't have exact figures. In previous years, it was a common occurrence for many of those who applied for asylum in Finland to try to continue their journey to Europe. If you come to Finland from the eastern border, a large part of these asylum seekers do not want to go to Finland, but to the EU. But once they are registered as asylum seekers, it is forced to turn them back. Their final asylum decisions are evaluated in Finland. It is in accordance with the rules of the game.

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– Regarding income, we are not talking about very large amounts. This is how the rules of the game work.

People crossing the land border have been arrested on the eastern border for the past few days. Spring is coming and the snow is melting. What option does the government have for this?

– I will not go into individual methods, but what I will say is that we will go through all the working tools and methods that we have within the framework of the law. If the situation warrants, we are ready to revise the law. We are working to assume responsibility for the security of our eastern border under all circumstances.

How can border control be improved?

– Everyone understands that monitoring a border of more than 1,300 kilometers is very difficult. We have the best border guards and other security personnel in the world. Physical surveillance is in place, fences are already built in critical areas, and as spring approaches we can do more. The objective is to protect the border in a very comprehensive manner, and there is technical control. It is an agency receiving assistance from Frontex. We are a NATO country and we have a lot of intelligence on what is happening near the border.

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