Bakery hits stores with lots of Easter bread: “It's not meant to make you angry”

Some people got cake from Easter Goodies.

Runeberg sour in its original form. Mico Huisco

Easter cake is back.

Thus, it's time for Runberg cake lovers to get excited again.

Runeberg tart purists still stubbornly cling to the idea that the Runeberg is only suitable for enjoying the day together, moistened with almonds and punch, decorated with raspberry jam and sugar icing.

This war Runebergists They disappeared a few days ago. A special version of the pastry is made for every Finnish celebration and holiday.

The bakery convinces

This type of delicacy is available at Easter. Screenshot / DocMany

On Easter, we will taste the imaginatively named Easter Tart.

The bakery manager of Jokionen Roti, who made the bread Miko Viratanen He knows how to prepare a product that negatively affects a certain segment of the population. He didn't want to crucify his critics.

– Happy people are those who eat Runeberg tarts. Of course, there's always the risk that someone is too passionate about the product to cause this kind of anger, says Virtanen.

Virtanesla does not want to create conflict between different schools.

– Our Easter cake is not a cake for resentment. It's the flavor of spring that continues the taste world of the Runeberg tart, Virtanen explains.

According to Virtanen, the Easter tart differs from the original “runeberry” only in its jam. The original tart's raspberry jam has been replaced with orange marmalade.

– I think that spring includes a little madness and joy, comments Virtanen about the product.

Will there be more?

At the moment, Jogionen's Bread does not have other versions of the Runberg Tartu, but this may be fixed in the future.

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– Maybe we can come up with something for the fall, Virtanen thinks.

Which fall parties would the product be appropriate for?

– Now the reporter asked a good question, Virdanan laughs.

– Let's think about this for a moment with our own product development team.

IL tested different Runberg darts last year. IL-TV

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