Bloody horses galloped across central London

At least four people were injured when the horses escaped from the British army coaches.

Five British Army horses escaped from their trainers in London on Wednesday. According to current reports, at least four people were injured when the horses escaped.

Coaches is a British magazine BBCPracticing for the Trooping the Color Parade in June, also known as the King's Birthday Parade.

A total of six soldiers and seven horses participated in the exercise.

Two horses running in central London. REUTERS , PA Images

The animals were startled by noises coming from a nearby construction site, and five of them started running through the streets of central London. Due to the confusion, four coaches fell from their horses. A trainer was in charge of two horses.

Amidst the rush, some horses collided with vehicles. At least one horse reportedly crashed into the windshield of the double-decker bus. The occupants of the bus survived the accident.

The two runaway horses had time to run five miles, or about eight kilometers, before they were caught.

All five horses were captured and sent back to the army base. Currently being examined by a vet.

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