Board of Directors Confused TV Viewers: “Board Member Shows His Chest Hair”

Leviratti returned on Saturday, and TV viewers are now watching the first episode on social media.

The legendary Leviratti returns to the show on Saturday. Television viewers received the show enthusiastically, and the first episode sparked a lively debate on social media.

of perversity Lots of callos, Miko Kosonen And Lina Shifferin Additionally, music videos are judged by an actor in the episode Anna Airola and retailer of home appliances Ville Markus Vesterinen.

TV viewers enjoyed the first Leviratti episode on social media. MTV

– Saturday Night Salvation, captioned one viewer on Facebook.

– I think it was a positive surprise. It's nice to see new homegrown music videos and fluent speakers. I particularly liked Kallos, to summarize another visitor.

Television viewers also paid attention to the wide range of musical offerings. The episode features the band Björkö and Ismo Alangon Co-production Color changer, of Thomas Ignatius From far and near Nia river Alive didn't make it, Olli Halonen How do snakes reproduce? And Inginmaa/Hypnoman Paragraph dead manThe latter won by 41 points.

– That Leviratti was great! The music selections aren't just offerings from the two major record companies. Someone commented.

– One viewer commented that this new Leviratti is a nice and quiet thing to look at.

Most viewers seem to want their favorite show back, but as usual, there are critics too.

– Strange music, does not excite me. Hope it gets better in the future, comment on social media.

The audience's attention was strongly drawn to a certain foreign musical aspect: Ragratian, the guitarist Miko Kosonen For chest hair.

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– Keep your shirt, Kosonen! Required on Facebook.

– Leviratti just started and the hostess sitting next to me was immediately amused by someone from Rathi showing her chest hair, cheap fun, commented a host on X.

– Close two more buttons, I can still watch the next episode, comments on social media.

– Great chest hair on Kosose, praised on Facebook.

– The entire universe, or at least Saturday evening tea drinkers, are now fretting over one thing in Levirat's comeback. I mean, why did Mikko Kossonen forget to button his shirt? asks a TV viewer at X.

The heated discussion on social media indicates that Levirat's return is of interest to the general public. Come Saturday evenings, it remains to be seen whether we will talk more about music or foreign music matters on home sofas.

Leviratti came back on channel MTV3. MTV

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