Boundary Law Report Completed – Confidential Proposal Released

Parliament’s executive committee met on Monday to decide on its report, known as the Border Act or the Conversion Act.

The executive committee met on Monday at 6 pm to decide on the boundary law report. Based on that report, Parliament as a whole decides on legislation.

The meeting was originally scheduled to start at 4pm, but it was postponed twice.

At half past seven, Mauri Peldogangas (ps), chairman of the executive committee, said the report was finished.

A vote was taken on the report. The Greens and Left Coalition have left a scrap plan.

According to Peltokanka, there are no major changes in the report. Satisfied with this, he will submit it to Parliament on Tuesday.

Boundary Law Statement Published Finally on Monday evening on Parliament’s website. Iltalehti received the draft report last Wednesday.

The report states that this does not clearly conflict with Finland’s constitution and is acceptable based on EU law and Finland’s international human rights obligations.

Maury Beltogangas in the report of the Executive Committee. Rosa Broger

Changes were made

Parliament’s Constitutional Law Committee gave its opinion on the changes to the law last Friday. The Boundary Bill will have its first reading in the Great Hall of Parliament on Tuesday.

In this case, the second reading and voting in the Great Hall may take place on Friday.

Ben Zyskowicz (CEO) says the report took into account the report of the Constitutional Committee and the clarification of the Ministry of the Interior.

– Of course it is polished all the way, says Zyskowicz.

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According to him, the Home Ministry’s clarification is about the rectification request process made regarding removal from the applicant’s country.

According to Mauri Peltokanka (ps), there is no drama behind the changes in the executive committee meeting. Rosa Broger

No drama in the delay

The meeting was twice delayed by an hour due to “technical reasons”.

– No drama. The air almost feels like a big sports festival, Beltogangas told reporters about the second shift.

Beltogangas later explained that when compiling large volumes of cases, someone had to put them on paper first.

SDP MPs in the executive committee also say the delay is due to technical reasons that Beltoganga mentions.

Target for Friday

The government’s aim is to vote on Friday on the urgency and approval of the border law. However, there is a schedule risk: In Tuesday’s first reading of the law, no time limit was set for the session.

The aim of the government is to pass the boundary law as soon as possible. An extraordinary law requires a 5/6 majority in the upper house of Parliament to be passed as an ordinance. A 2/3rd majority of MPs is required to ratify the law.

Failure to pass a five-sixth majority to rush the boundary law would mean the motion would be shelved until the next election period.

In voting, only yes and no votes are taken into account when assessing whether a sufficient majority will be behind the legislation.

According to Iltalehti, at least six Dem representatives do not want to support the border legislation in next week’s vote. And R.K.B Eva Piadet, the Green Party and the Left Alliance have said they oppose the legislation. Iltalehti reported the latest estimates of voting behavior in this story on Sunday.

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