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London/Grimsby According to predictions, the Labor Party will win the parliamentary elections in Britain today with the largest majority in history. Against the backdrop of the expected sound avalanche, there is a repeated message on the streets: nothing works and the money is gone.

Voters’ anger is directed at the conservatives, who have been in power for 14 years, whom they see as responsible for the country’s dire state.

– They lost people’s trust. They haven’t kept their promises on immigration, for example, a traditional supporter of conservatives himself has admitted Lee Sanderson In Grimsby, a poor fishing town on the east coast of England.

He recalls the prosperous years of his childhood, when fishing brought a life to the townspeople and joy was unleashed on the streets of the city centre.

Now many of the display windows in Kauppakattu are nailed. Homeless people sit on walls. According to studies Every third child There is not enough food in Grimsby due to poverty.

– I have been waiting for rehabilitation for two years, suffocating a person who walks with the help of a rollator Mark Gillin in the store. Long treatment queues in the public health NHS are voters’ biggest concerns, along with livelihoods.

“Everything is broken”

Senior Researcher Rob Ford Describes the atmosphere as exceptional. This level of dissatisfaction with the Prime Minister, the government and the conditions has not been seen since the survey began.

Ford works for the Changing Europe think tank in Britain.

– People are very angry. Ford says they want change and everything is broken.

In early June, a text was seen on the street in London: I’m so angry, I can vote. Photo: Maureen McLean / AOP

Skepticism is usually aimed at politics. Gwen Taylor Already voted by mail. He doesn’t expect things to change even under a Labor administration.

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– They promise everything, but when they come to power they do nothing, he explains his views.

Voting for minor parties is seen as pointless

The number of non-voters could be much higher. Many people are frustrated with the electoral system which in practice only allows two major parties to win.

A research firm that conducts opinion polls IPSOS:in 36 percent of voters do not want to vote. IPSOS interviewed more than 15,000 people in its research. Many say they don’t know who to vote for.

Elections are characterized by record voter apathy and mistrust of government.

– There are only a few voters in the election because no one is interested. Mark Gillin snorts that if a party works properly for the electorate, people will vote for it.

He is going to vote for some small parties, but it will not help. Due to the electoral system, only two major parties – Labor and the Conservatives – have a chance of winning. Many feel that the vote given to the minor party was wasted.

The number of abstentions could reach records

Techne UK:N In a poll for The Independent magazine, one in five said they had decided not to vote. According to it, 30 percent of voters under the age of 34 are not even registered to vote.

Apathy is high among young voters. Even 38 percent of them did not want to vote. Among other things, young people are angry about the lack of housing and difficulty in making a living.

– We are like slaves. We can’t go out and do anything. My little sister asks why other families go on vacation and why we go on vacation. We can’t afford it because everything these days is so expensive and suffocating Harvey Cooper.

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A smiling Nigel Farage takes a picture on a cell phone next to a woman.

Far-right reform is gaining a lot of support in UK opinion polls. Party leader Nigel Farage poses with voters in Maidstone on June 24. Photo: Andy Rain/EPA

Cooper is now voting for the first time. He works in a restaurant and helps his parents with his salary. He plans to vote for far-right Reform UK as he distrusts the mainstream parties.

Researcher at UKICE Sophie Stowers He says many voters are staying home because they are disaffected or because they believe Labor will win the election anyway.

– Voter apathy is a big thing in Britain. Voter turnout remained low throughout the 2000s. Many voters feel they are politically disenchanted, Stowers told a foreign correspondents’ briefing in London.

According to opinion polls, almost half of voters do not trust the government at all.

of IPSOS According to the survey, only a quarter of Britons are satisfied with the functioning of democracy. Three in five see the last election as weakened.

Almost half of the respondents believe that they cannot influence the election. 71 percent believe the system favors the rich.

After all, more Britons see the EU as representing their views than Britons who see their own government as representing their views.

Boris Johnson hugs two people in protective gear at a fish market.

On December 9, 2019, Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Grimsby Fish Market. At a general election held a few days later, the electorate of Grimsby elected a Conservative as their representative. Credit: Andrew Parsons / AOP

“Politicians think only of their own interests”

National Center for Social Research Natchen It found that 45 per cent of Britons do not trust any government to put the interests of the people ahead of their own party. Especially now that distrust has increased For Brexit Among those who voted.

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In Grimsby, many say they will vote for Labor whose slogan is “change”. The vote is cast tactically – not much for Labor against the Conservatives. Many say they will vote for the far-right Reform UK Party, which is drawing votes especially from the Conservatives. In some polls, its popularity has overtaken the Conservative Party.

At the last election, many of Labour’s traditional supporters voted Conservative. They believed that a populist Prime Minister Boris Johnson Delivering on the country’s promise of prosperity after leaving the EU. Voters were angry when the promise was not fulfilled. That is one of the reasons for the massive support of the Labor Party.

However, according to Ford, anger is also a danger for the Labor Party. In a country plagued by economic crisis, there are few resources to improve things, but voters don’t have the patience to wait.

– Fulfilling the expectations of the voters is a big challenge for the new government, he says.

According to Ford, voters are starting to become more sensitive about their position.

It can also be found in Grimsby. It was one of several cities that fell in love with populist Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Brexit, and switched support from Labor to the Conservatives at the last election. Many in Grimsby say they will return to voting Labour, whose slogan is “change”.

On the other hand, many say they will vote for the far-right Reform UK Party. It gets votes especially from conservatives.

Lee Sanderson This time the Reform UK Party will vote. It is led by Brexit’s most vocal campaigner Nigel Farage.

Reform UK, which is critical of immigration, has already overtaken the Conservatives in some opinion polls, although representatives of the party have been caught making racist statements.

Labor is expected to win the election by an even bigger margin. In the British electoral system, only those who receive the most votes in their constituency are elected to Parliament.

Even the Conservatives have conceded before Election Day that Labor will win the election. Minister of Labor and Pensions Mel Straight In an interview with the British broadcaster BBC, he said that the Labor Party would win the largest majority in the country’s history in Parliament.

However, the number of sleepers in elections worries Labor to no end. Although success seems certain, it can be surprising.

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