Burra: “We don't need seminars where we improve the situation” | News Fin

Finance Minister Rika Burra (ps.) has reservations about the idea of ​​parliamentary cooperation to improve the economic situation.

President Sauli Niinistö once again presented the idea in his opening speech to the Diet that economic problems can be solved through cooperation across party lines and electoral cycles.

After the talk, Burra told STD that the information prepared by the finance ministry was available to all and the picture of the severity of the situation would gradually begin to be shared among the parties.

– Unfortunately, the reality of politics and the various disagreements and conflicts between government and opposition groups generally prevent much cooperation on such matters. We are well aware that the opposition does not share the same views as the government, at least when it comes to taking measures.

Finding savings together is impossible

For example, Burra said he would welcome the opposition's genuine willingness to participate in identifying savings. However, he did not consider this very likely.

– If this was the case in the political system in general, we might not be in this situation of 15 years of deficit budgeting and increasing debt. If all parties are willing to make difficult decisions.

– We don't need status update seminars. We need actions, we need the backbone on which these political decisions are made.

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