Channa posted a picture of Marin Mandapam – a unanimous reaction from followers

Sanna Marin visited South Korea this week.

Sanna Marin posted a photo from a South Korean gym. Tina Somerborough

Former Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin visited Seoul, South Korea this week. He shared some parts of his journey on his Instagram account. Earlier, Iltalehti told how Marin discovered Finnish phaser chocolate at a grocery store in Seoul.

In her latest social media post, Marin shows off several shots of herself from her phone’s photo gallery. The images show South Korea’s landscapes, food and architecture, among other things. One film is Marin’s talking gig.

The second-to-last shot of Kwakimara is taken from the gym. Marin wears black leotards and a black sports top in a mirror selfie. Marin has wireless headphones in his ears.

Click the arrow to the right to view all images. If you haven’t seen the publication, you can view it by clicking From here.

Marin’s Instagram followers were immediately excited about the release.

– You are so beautiful, the best messenger in the world, cheers a commentator.

– Charm! You are so beautiful in every possible way, another continues.

– What a hall film! I’m sold out – sold out, and the third continues.

In the publication, Marin talks about his trip to South Korea. He also takes an egalitarian stance.

– I had the great honor of participating in the Leadership Conference in Seoul this week. In my speech, I emphasized the importance of strong social structures that promote equality and women’s participation in working life and decision-making, Marin opens.

– The second part of the speech focused on geopolitics, the war in Ukraine and what democracies should learn from the crises we have seen in recent years, Marin continues.

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According to Marin, affordable and high-quality education in Finland and other Nordic countries is one of the key factors for a more equal society.

– From the point of view of women’s participation, I would like to emphasize three things. A good public kindergarten prepares children for education at an affordable price for every family. Second, an equitable and quality education system with free lunch and afternoon activities.

– Third, parental leave, thanks to which women can continue their lives and fathers can take care of their young children equally, says Marin.

Sanna Marin talks about equality in her social media output. AOP

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