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Weather will warm up quickly early next week from freezing temperatures over the weekend, Foreca's blog predicts.

Next week, the frosts will give way to wet weather. Tina Somerborough / K.L

Some days the temperature can go up to 35 degrees.

Forcon is new Weather blog Heavy frost is forecast to continue into the weekend, but the start of the week will see mostly safe weather across the country. Temperatures are expected everywhere except in northern Lapland.

Temperatures could reach 35 degrees below zero in places in northern Finland over the weekend and 25 degrees in the south on Saturday morning.

According to Foreca, the weather on Saturday will be mainly dusty.

– It is mostly clear in the north. The southern and central parts of the country are mostly cloudy with light frost possible at some places, says the weather blog.

A change in the weather will begin on Sunday night, with southerly winds strengthening from the west.

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For Plus

Sunday will remain cloudy in most parts of the country. Light snow in many places and rain in the evening in the west.

– During the day it is 1-10 degrees below zero, 10-20 degrees in the east and north and even more in northern Lapland. By Sunday evening, temperatures will rise above zero in many parts of the West, the meteorologist said Jonas Koskela Foreca says on the blog.

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Early next week, the weather will be affected by a strong low pressure system moving in from the west. On Monday, the weather will continue to be cool.

– Temperatures rise during the day in the southern and central part of the country, usually from 0 to 2 degrees. In the east and north, the frost will mainly be 1-10 degrees, Koskela predicted.

He said that the wind speed will increase, especially in the southern and central parts of the country on Monday, and storms may occur in the southwestern sea areas.

– Abundant rain will spread into Finland from the southwest, starting as widespread snow and fog, but turning to water from the west during the evening and Tuesday night, reaching northern Ostrobothnia and Kainu. In Lapland, Koskela says, the rain comes as snow or ice.

Five degrees

Low pressure Tuesday's weather will be windy and rainy, shaping up to be a mild day.

– Apart from northern Lapland, the heat is extra, and measurements of plus 5 degrees are possible on the west coast, says Joonas Koskela.

In Lapland, precipitation comes as snow or sleet, but elsewhere it comes mainly as water.

– On Monday and Tuesday, 10-25 centimeters of snow will accumulate in Lapland. Further south, the weather becomes milder and snowmelt turns into rainwater, making estimating snow accumulation more challenging, Koskela says.

Cooler weather is expected again after Tuesday as the low pressure system weakens. At this time, forecasts are calling for freezing temperatures again, but no severe frosts are in sight in recent times.

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