Clyn Simmons, acquitted in 1975, enjoys simple things – foreign countries

Glynn Simmons was released in December after 48 years. It is the longest prison sentence served by an innocent person in US history.

in the year 1975 American convicted of murder Glyn Simmons Appreciating the simple things like the changing of the seasons – finally a free man.

Simmons released last July write down British Broadcasting Corporation BBC. He was convicted in 1975 Carolyn Sue Rogers From murder to death, which was later commuted to life imprisonment.

In December, a local court officially declared Simmons innocent. It is the longest prison sentence served by an innocent person in US history.

When he was released, Simmons looked out the car window at stars he hadn't seen in decades.

– You can't see simple things like seasons changing, leaves falling in prison, you can't enjoy them. It's gratifying, says Simmons.

Simmons He was only 22 when he was convicted of murder in 1975 in his home state of Oklahoma.

– My innocence helped me to believe. I'd be lying if I said I haven't lost my faith many times. But faith is like a rubber band – even after being stretched, it returns to its shape, Simmons explains to the BBC.

Rogers was killed during a robbery at an Oklahoma liquor store where he worked. According to his own words, Simmons was in the state of Louisiana when the incident occurred.

According to Simmons, the eyewitness who was there did not identify him, but drew the attention of other suspects in the identification line.

However, Simmons was charged.

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– I have no prior experience in the legal system. I didn't know I had the right to a lawyer. I can't even smell it.

According to the man, the background to the sentence was racism, which the BBC described as “clear” in Oklahoma in the 1970s.

– It's not a mistake, it's a deliberate act. It was a deliberate miscarriage of justice, Simmons explains of his sentence.

The BBC points out that black Americans are still 7.5 times more likely to be convicted of murder than whites.

We are now doing everything for the first time.

Inside Simmons couldn't afford chemotherapy, adding to his obsession with righting the wrong. Now he is battling advanced cancer.

– My fight for freedom grew faster than all previous years, says Simmons about the significance of the cancer diagnosis.

Last Christmas, Simmons finally got to spend with her son, three grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

– It was beautiful, I had fun. We are now doing everything for the first time.

There are bitter feelings associated with liberation. The state of Oklahoma has not apologized to Simmons or paid him, although the state must reimburse him about $3,600, or 3,300 euros, for each year he serves in prison.

However, Simmons has already raised $326,000, or nearly €300,000, through fundraising.

Throughout his life Simmons wants to use her story to tell her story, travel, and fix problems in the American justice system.

– That is my inspiration for the future: to help people in a similar situation as me. We must encourage reform of the criminal system.

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However, feelings of anger are sometimes difficult to deal with.

– For almost 50 years I have had anger and bitterness. It must be regulated or it will destroy man. What's done can't be left undone, so I'm not beat about it.

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