Coalition MP comments on SDP uprising on podcast: Government urgent

According to the coalition's MP Ville Valkonen, the SDP's rise to the top of the polls means the government must accelerate all its key reforms even faster.

In the podcast, MP for Kokoomoos Ville Valkonen assesses the importance of the SDP's rise for government policy. Lake OUTI

On Friday, Yleisradio published Taloustuikma's statement Party Gallup, SDP topped with 21.7 percent support. The prime minister's party Kokoumu (20.6%) has lost its previous first place and the support of the core Finns has dropped to 17.4%.

Finnish Member of Parliament Ville Valkonen says the thoughts behind politics –On the podcastThe SDP's rise to the top in the opinion polls means that the government must accelerate all its key reforms faster than before.

The opposition has already seen the right-wing government led by Prime Minister Petteri Orbo (Koc) rush to, among other things, quickly advance the “strike law”. Legislative reform regarding changes to the Labor Peace Act significantly restricting political strikes and proportional support strikes.

The government has not admitted rushing the bill, but the opposition believes the government wants the Labor Peace Act to come into effect immediately.

Member of Parliament for the Left Alliance Ino-Kaisa Bekonen told news service X on Saturday that meeting plans to prepare a report by the Labor and Equality Committee show that the strike law should be included in the package early next week. .

Pecos is irritated by the government's lies.

– Is the government still saying that the intention is not to bring the law forward? What annoys me the most is lying. Why can't you agree already? Bekonen says in X.

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On the Political Consequences podcast, MP Ville Valkkonen agreed that the right-wing government should accelerate all key reforms even faster. The same applies to the strike law, one of the government's key reforms.

– I would like to emphasize that the government is now in even greater urgency to push forward all possible reforms as fast as possible, says the coalition parliamentarian Valkkonen.

According to Valkonen, the reason for this urgency is the growing popularity of the SDP, which increases political tensions.

– If the trend continues, this will increase tension in all directions, Valkonen estimates.

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