Cogels was fired from the Special Forces

The plot of the story reveals.

Helmarie Brissen A foray into Special Forces ends with a nasty wound. Brinen suffered an eye injury in the helicopter ride, but continued to race.

However, as the condition of the eye worsened, Helmari went to the doctor.

After more tests and an ophthalmologist's evaluation, Helmari hears the bad news.

– It's a small matter, when falling, the finger hit the eye and the nail slightly broke the surface of the eye, but there is a risk of infection. At this point, the doctor says this camp is over for me.

Helmari meets the other testers who ask if Helmari's race will continue.

– Can you continue, Verti Harjuniemi He asks.

Helmeri Brinen, OK, is leaving the race. Jer hitala

Helmarie nods her head quietly.

– It was here, he reveals.

– Alas, Oona Tholpanen laments.

Helmeri speaks his heart

– I had a five millimeter error in my eye. There were stones and some wires that were removed, Helmery recounts.

– Actually, Oona is surprised.

– Ha, Elena Gustafsson says on the other hand.

Head coach John Lehtonen Takes off Helmer's license plate.

– I am very sad that the journey ends here. A very bad boy, and Janay regrets it too.

Helmeri says he is disappointed in the situation.

– The only goal was to cross the camp, and I was mentally prepared to go all the way,

– However, you can proudly leave your own opinion on your cheek, and there are no extra bangs in those results. A sense of giving everything away, Helmery admits.

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