Comment by Sami Hafryni: Jer Lassila is the talisman of the Young Lions – Ice Hockey

One Finnish player rose above the rest in World Cup thrills, writes hockey journalist Sami Hoffren.


Both of you After a gap of one year, Finland is playing in the medal matches of the World Junior Championships.

Larry Miccoln Coached by Nuret Lejonet, they beat Slovakia 4-3 at the Frulundborg Stadium on Tuesday.

Tuesday's quarter-final thriller was at its best and purest. The arc of the drama was sometimes wildly lived and thrown about. This drama leaves no one cold.

The Young Lions already had one foot in the semi-finals in regular time Alexander Cascimaggi 3-2 lead with a minute and a half to go.

Slovakia forced the break without a goalkeeper and sent the match into extra time.

However, young lions can do this. To triumph through difficulties.

At crucial moments, who else emerged – but the captain Jer Lassila (1+1). The best soul player of the team, Nuret Lejonat, swam to the semi-finals with her beautiful solo.

Kicked in the head, Nuret Lejonet creates a dizzying growth story in Gothenburg.

Finland's World Cup campaign has started with mixed results, but United are now on a three-game winning streak heading into Thursday's semi-finals.

Tightness After a dramatic opening set the quarter-final could have gone the wrong way for Nuri Lejon.

From Finland's point of view, the opening goal of the match came in the harshest way possible. Adam Sykora Suoman dramatically hit the puck into the net with 0.2 seconds left in the opening set.

Based on the delay shown on the video board and the running clock below, the buzzer sounded just before the goal, but after a video check by the referees, the goal was accepted.

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Ultimately, the jury has a more accurate clock than a hall clock attached to an international television film.

Fortunately, there was a reasonable explanation for this whole mess.

Despite a scandalous rumor long running in the halls of Frölundaborg, it was heated in the Finnish camp, but the Young Lions players remained silent. It was a great demonstration of the team's mental strength and maturity.

A disciplined Lions pack stuck to their match plan and played a solid cooperative game.

Tommy Männistön A 1-1 draw at the start of the second period put Finland in the right spot. After the draw, the game resumed in practice.

In a very even match, the Young Lions' patience was slightly better than Slovakia's.

– That The dude screamed that he could steal the win for Slovakia today.

That means he is Slovakia's number one goalkeeper Adam Ghazania. It was close. The second-round pick of the Chicago Blackhawks last summer was Slovakia's No. 1 player on Tuesday.

Gajan resolutely blocked and replaced him. After the middle of the opening set With Johnny Niman There was a great seam from a drive to put Nuret Lejonnet in front, but Ghajan parried the effort.

Without Ghazani's big saves, Finland would have ended the match earlier.

The clash between Finland and Slovakia was a game of narrow margins. In a draw, both teams defended long lengths very disciplinedly and were unable to create extra space in any part of the field.

On Tuesday, the decisive difference finally came through leadership.

In the individual competition, Slovakia had an advantage on its side, especially in the top individuals. The Slovakian team has three NHL first-round picks and three second-round picks.

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Finland's World Cup squad has no NHL first-round players. There are four bookings for the second round.

What then?

The first name is Captain Lasila, he is not registered in the NHL. JYP's man has taken his team to a stunner in this match. Time after time.

The first chain led by Lassila on the wings Lenny Hamenahoe And Janne NaukkarinamThe young lions were the main attraction at crucial moments.

19-year-old Lassila's trio put pressure on Slovakia's end after another third-period turnover that silenced the Slovakian crowd. Lassila set a strong example on the front lines.

The winning goal in extra time is a perfect example of the determination of the leading man and the arrogance by which these matches are decided.

Young lions Coaching made a drastic solution to the game of fate by throwing Coco back between the posts after almost a week's break.

Koko, 19, went into the tournament as Finland's number one goalkeeper, but a shock loss to Germany mixed things up – at least somewhat. Against Latvia and Sweden, he was responsible for blocking Noah Wally.

The 18-year-old Valli helped Finland to victory after a scrappy opening match. In that sense, the coaching management's decision was surprising, but understandable given the events of the past few days.

Koko is Finland's number one shoe in this competition. Despite the tough match against Germany, Kokkoon's pride in the coaching management has not wavered.

Grateful for the confidence, Koko made a brilliant save in a pressure game and turned the match around.

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