Comment: Trump took Putin's bait

Jari Himanan

Vladimir Putin's show of support for Joe Biden's election campaign is a subtle manipulation that everyone should see. This is a direct feed to Donald Trump, writes Jari Himanen, Ildalehti's foreign correspondent.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a joke in the US presidential election with his manipulative statements. EPA/AOP

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a master of manipulative tactics to disrupt US presidential elections.

This was demonstrated again when Putin took a stand on the election battle between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump in an interview with Russian state television.

Putin supported Biden, who he described as an “old man with a bad memory” and declared that he was capable of fulfilling his duties even if he was “scratching his head”. However, a little throwback serves to cast doubt on whether Biden's head is right.

In addition, Putin revealed that he believes Biden will continue as president because he is an experienced and conventional politician who is “more predictable” than the sudden Trump.

Putin's support for Biden in particular is a direct hit on Trump's shoulder. It's an antidote to Biden's statements this week that no US president has ever kowtowed to a Russian dictator like Trump.

Putin may have been a lowly agent in the KGB during the Cold War, but an agent nonetheless. He never forgot his lessons.

The true meaning of Putin's words should be obvious to everyone and no one should take them for granted, but unfortunately the reality is different.

US President Joe Biden believes that no US president has ever bowed to a Russian dictator like Trump. EPA/AOP

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We will soon see if Putin succeeds in his manipulation, but I bet his words ring true for a certain segment of the population in America.

It is not far-fetched to assume that Trump and his cult (ie the majority of the Republican Party and their supporters) will soon do the same again as Putin wants Biden to be president, just like the rest of the parrots.

Indeed, Trump has already declared that he considered Putin's words “a huge compliment.” Anyone surprised?

– (Putin) said he would rather have Joe Biden as president than me. It's a compliment, he explained at a campaign event in South Carolina.

– (Putin) doesn't like me. He likes Biden because he will give everything, including Ukraine.

Of course, Trump is acting as predictably as Putin expected. Putin has managed to deal with some US presidents in the past. In the past, words of praise have helped Trump, and Trump has taken to singing Putin's songs.

Like Nina Khrushcheva, professor of international politics at The New School University in New York Said Regarding Trump's disastrous appearance in Helsinki in the summer of 2018, Putin found Trump “surprisingly easy to handle.”

Dealing with Donald Trump is “surprisingly easy” for Vladimir Putin. EPA/AOP

Putin weaving Trump and his followers around his little hustle and under his will is George W. Reminds me of Putin's simple trick with Bush.

Known to be deeply religious, Bush met Putin in June 2001 and said after the meeting that he found Putin “open and trustworthy”.

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– I was able to get an idea of ​​his soul, Bush said.

Bush's words reportedly alarmed many in the White House, including Vice President Dick Cheney. Especially when Bush was reminded in advance of dating a KGB agent.

A common sitter, journalist Christopher Hitchens, mercilessly characterized Bush's remarks about Putin as “one of the stupidest things any president has ever said.”

How did Putin convince Bush? Putin prominently displayed a cross he claimed belonged to his mother. How many times has Putin been seen wearing a crucifix around his neck when meeting world leaders? So.

Most would have seen Putin's attempt at manipulation, but the real target took the bait. Simple and subtle, but that's why it's so functional. Like Putin's desire to keep Biden president.

Putin in a rare interview: “Relations between countries will be rebuilt”. Tucker Carlson, Reuters

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